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October 2011

This is the inaugural version of an Infometrix newsletter. We plan on sending out information about every other month, and we will work diligently to make the content a quick read--and worth reading.

October has been a month devoted to a release of new versions of our three main products: Pirouette, InStep and LineUp. This release is a continuation of our efforts to support both our end-users and the instrument companies that rely on our software. Descriptions are given below.

Take special note of our relationships with:
We will provide a more detailed introduction to these products and others in future communications.

Pirouette 4.5

A new version of Pirouette (v4.5) was just released by Infometrix. Much new development is behind this release, although the user interface will not appear to have changed. The product should be more stable, and several usability enhancements were incorporated, including the following.
  • Faster drawing of line plots
  • More accurate rendering of line plot adornments such as labels and tick marks
  • Better control of the ID tool in line plots and faster response
  • Smarter testing of results invalidation on changes in the data table
  • Better control of exclusion status of rows and/or columns
A new Pirouette model type was also created. The internal file structure of models was upgraded to a new binary format, which necessitated the new type (*.PMF, the Pirouette Model Format). However, Pirouette will still read the older *.MOD files.

InStep 3.5

Largely to address the needs of users in the process industries, InStep was upgraded to add new report items. Thus, the report can now include the minimum and maximum values of any Y variable in a regression model, as well as confidence limits for any of the outlier diagnostics associated with a model. One or two limits (for example, a warn limit and a fail limit) can be included, depending on the values set in Prediction Prefences.

LineUp 3.5

An earlier release of LineUp incorporated a new graphical user interface. Now, this GUI version of LineUp has been completed and includes the ability to specify start and stop times for the alignment processing. This approach to software-based chromatographic alignment is an essential tool for preparing chromatographic data for use in Pirouette and InStep.

The Infometrix mission is to provide high quality, easy-to-use software for the handling of multivariate data.

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