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Team Time!

Greetings from Slovakia!  Things have been busy but fun these last few weeks, and we're looking forward to some exciting times in June and July as we host incoming mission teams and bring this year of ministry activities to a close.  

Our regular activities have continued this spring, and we've enjoyed seeing God work in unexpected ways - new relationships, deepend relationships, opportunities to offer Christ's love in physical and spiritual ways through everyday life.  We remain convinced that no matter what things we might accomplish, where God is really working is through our presence and the relationships we're building.

Many of our ministry activities are in schools or with students, so the end of the school year (on June 30 each year) means the end of most of our regular activities.  The weeks ahead will be times of closing celebrations, graduations and "see-you-soon's."  We're already making plans to continue some of these important relationships through the summer months.

In the next six weeks we'll be joined by three different mission teams - 21 people from Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky - who'll work alongside us for a short time.  While we'll be doing lots of things with them, we're not focusing on activities.  Rather, we're praying that they will experience what God is doing here, know the joy of sharing God's love in small ways, and be changed and equipped to make a difference when they get back home.

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night, we sat down with some of our brothers and sisters from the Devleskero Kher church here in Kosice (see picture at left).  We met to plan together for a team that's coming in July from Louisville, Kentucky - and of course we accomplished that goal.  But so much more was accomplished in that two hours we were together - time for worship and celebration for what God is going to do; time for prayer for these students who are coming and for their families who are letting them go for a few days; time for prayer for all the friendships that will be built as they minister through Bible lessons, activities and sports.  We came to get some work done... but we left reminded that God is doing great things!

Times like this bring us joy, because they remind us that what's happening here is about so much more than what a few people accomplish in a week together.  Like a stone dropped in a pond, the effects of one faithful act of love can send ripples farther than we'll ever see.  In the same way, each of you - by praying with us and supporting this ministry financially - are making a difference in ways you'd never guess.

Learning about shirts and trousers with kids from the Roma school in Kosice.  "Trousers," you might ask?  In British English, they say "trousers" instead of "pants."  Since British English is taught in schools here, we sometimes have to teach different terms and grammar so the students aren't confused.

Please Pray With Us...

... for good endings as we bring this year of ministry activities to a close.

... for incoming mission teams - for eyes to see and join in what God is doing, for hearts willing to learn and grow. 

... for our CHE training now scheduled for September and October.
... for a potential new Roma worship service and other activities in the village of Rankovce.

... for our family as we host teams, finish a school year, and say goodbye to several dear friends who'll be leaving Kosice this summer.
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