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November: Thankful for Blessings!

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, here are a few things we're thankful for this month:

New Opportunities

This month we began our new Conversational English Classes at the Devleskero Kher church where we worship.  We've had two great weeks so far, with good attendance and great discussion.  Pray for new opportunities and visitors to this class! (pictured: Tanya joins in discussion with our Intermediate-Advanced English group)

Beautiful Weather and a Beautiful Place to Live

We've had some surprisingly wonderful, warm fall weather this month.  By this time last year, we'd already had our first snow.  We've been grateful for the chance to do more things outside! (pictured: Abigail joins in the fun at Kite Day. In the U.S. when we think of kite days we usually think of March. Slovaks think of October)

A Beautiful Culture and Language

Each week we make progress in the language and we learn more about these cultures God has placed us among.  While it's not always easy, we are grateful for the chance to learn more about God's world through the people and cultures we are encountering! (pictured: the girls recently had a fun day outdoors with their Slovak teacher, Marika)


It seems like such a simple thing to be thankful for, but it's something we take for granted.  There are people here in Kosice, and in many places in the world, who do not have access to the kind of education that makes the world a better place.  Be thankful for what you have, and commit to making a difference! (pictured: a student at the Roma school in Kezmarok participates in an English-learning exercise)

Residence Permit Cards

One year ago last week, we had to return to the U.S. because of visa issues.  This year, we can truly say we are thankful to be able to be HERE and not anywhere ELSE!

Time away

For our fall break at the end of October, we took a couple of days to visit Budapest, Hungary (about 3.5 hours away).  We were thankful for the time together as a family (we even ditched electronics while we were gone!) and we were SUPER thankful to come back home and hear a sound we've come to take for granted - the Slovak language, which we can actually make sense of! (pictured: the girls take in a view of the city on both banks of the Danube) 

A Life Well Lived

This month we lost Jon's grandmother, who lived in Huntsville.  We will miss her greatly and are sad to be so far away when she passed, but we're so thankful for the good times we got to spend with her!


We can't say it enough times - we are so thankful for each and every one of you!  Your prayers, your encouragement and your financial support make it possible for us to be here, ministering and following God's call.  We pray that God would allow you to see the many ways he has blessed you, and that you can enjoy time giving thanks with family and friends in the holidays ahead.

Prayer Requests

We are so grateful for your prayers, and we are encouraged to know that you are on this journey with us!  Here are ways you can pray with us this month:

For our ongoing Conversational English Courses on Friday evenings in the Devleskero Kher building.

For the students, teachers and administrators from the Roma Schools in Kežmarok and KoÅ¡ice. 

For our family, as we work to develop our own holiday traditions in a new home.

For our learning - for the adults in language study, and for the girls in school. 

For Jon's family as we mourn the loss of our Grandmommy.

And as always, for open hearts and minds among the Roma, Slovaks, and others as we try together to understand how we all fit into God's kingdom!
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