Newsletter for the Parks Family - CBF Global Missions Field Personnel among the Roma people in Slovakia.

Fall Partnership Trip

This month’s newsletter could be titled, “On the Road.”  Right now, we’re in the middle of our first Partnership Trip.  We have some encouraging things to report!

** NOTE: Please check our blog over the next few days for more reports and pictures from our Partnership Trip -

We left Kenbridge on Friday morning and got to Fitzgerald, Georgia on that evening – just in time to make the football game and watch the Fitzgerald Purple Hurricanes win the first game of their playoffs!  We spent Saturday with Henry and Brenda Gail Tyson in Fitzgerald.  It’s a beautiful and historically unique town – check it out sometime if you can!

Sunday was busy – we joined in morning worship with Fellowship Baptist Church, and had some great conversations over lunch there.  Then in the evening, we presented the first of our concert-events at First Baptist of Fitzgerald.  We feel like the concert went very well, and once again we built some good new partnerships there.

On Monday we traveled to Locust Grove, just south of Atlanta, and spent two nights with family - Lee and Debbie Swaggerty are parents to Allison’s husband, Justin.  Our time there was refreshing; we were able to catch up on some work, and had some delightful conversations with Debbie and Lee.

Wednesday we made the trip from Atlanta to Birmingham, and joined the evening activities at Baptist Church of the Covenant.  After meeting with the children's mission group, we spoke with the adults for a few minutes, and made some unexpected reconnections with some old friends!  It was an encouraging evening, and we were so thankful to be there. 

Here’s our schedule for the rest of this trip:
  • Sun 11/20 10:00am – Crosscreek Baptist Church, Pelham (morning worship)
  • Sun 11/20 pm – Thanksgiving Fellowship Meal at Crosscreek
  • Mon 11/21 – Travel to Huntsville
  • Tue 11/22 6:00pm – Sharing at Thanksgiving worship, University Baptist (Jon’s home church)
  • Wed 11/23 11:00am – Mini-concert at Redstone Village (where Jon’s parents live)
  • Thu 11/24 (Thanksgiving Day) - Travel back home to Virginia
We do have some open time during the rest of this trip – if you’re in the area we’d love to catch up with you!  Send us an email or call Jon’s cell (434-321-3128) and let’s figure out how to get together!

Financial Progress

We have good news to report!  We set a “soft” goal for the end of October – to have 1/3 of our financial support committed from our financial partners.  We were getting close toward the end of the month, and then we had a meeting with someone on October 31 that got us right to the goal.  God continues to surprise and affirm us with things like this!

Just as a reminder, CBF requires that before we leave for the field, we have ALL of our yearly budget committed, and at least three months of that annual budget in-hand.  This insures that when we leave for the field,
 we will have everything we need to be successful.

You might have noticed that our financial numbers have changed.  Because of our visit to Slovakia, and because of conversations with our colleagues here in the U.S., we have been able to lower our annual budget significantly.

With the help of many partners, God is already showing us just how widely this ministry will reach.  People all over the Southeast U.S. and around the world are joining in to make a difference in the lives of the Roma people.  We’re grateful and humbled to be a part of it!

Please Pray...

  • Please continue to pray that we make progress with identifying financial partners.  33% is a great start, but we still have a long way to go!
  • Please pray for this to be a safe and successful trip, and pray for our December trip as well (we will be in the Louisville area Dec. 12-23).
  • Pray for the Roma people in Europe - a fresh wave of anti-Roma sentiment has arisen in several countries, heightened by the financial crises Europe faces.
  • Pray for Jeff and Alicia Lee, field personnel who were commissioned with us in June.  Jeff was recently diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a rare and potentially deadly condition in his brain.  He will undergo open-brain surgery in January.
  • Pray for Kenbridge Baptist - along with the excitement of their 100th anniversary in 2012, they face the challenge of finding a new pastor.  Pray also that Jon will continue to find meaningful ministry among them.

One Last Pic...

A crucifix adorns a grave in a cemetery near the McNarys' home.

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