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See You Soon??

Back in the U.S. for meetings June 24 - July 6

Why come back now, since we were there this winter?  The short answer is everyone's favorite: Meetings!  Each year our Roma-Gypsy Team has a face-to-face team meeting, which will take place this year during the first week of July in Winston-Salem, NC.  That meeting coincides with this year's annual meeting of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship held in Greensboro.  Please pray for safe travels!  Here's a summary of our schedule (still tentative):

  • June 24-25 - Visits with friends and partners (location TBD)
  • June 26-28 - CBF General Assembly, Greensboro, NC.
  • June 29-30 - Visiting with friends and partners in  Kenbridge, Virginia
  • June 30-July 3 - Roma-Gypsy Team Meeting, Winston-Salem, NC
  • July 4-6 - R&R with family & friends (Virginia) 

If you will be at General Assembly, or will be in these areas during this time frame, we'd love to see you!  Please contact us by email (reply to this message) so that we can set up a time.  Our time will be limited, but we want to see as many of you as we can!

Tanya and the girls participate in a young girls' ministry night sponsored by our church.

Ministry Highlights

While it may seem mundane, our primary ministry goal right now is learning language and culture, so that we can eventually minister adequately among the Roma Gypsy people.  The majority of our "ministry" time right now is about learning - who are the Roma people?  How can we communicate with them?  And while we learn, we are connecting with ministries already in place among the Roma people here in KoÅ¡ice.

Ministry highlights from the last few weeks include:
  • We have formal language lessons four times each week, conversation group twice each week, and lots of informal times to practice speaking and listening each day.
  • We visit the Roma school once each week, helping with English lessons and building relationships with the kids.  For various reasons, our plans for an after-school club have not worked out this year... pray toward next year!
  • We attend worship each week with Roma and Slovak believers at the Devleskero Kher church,  We have tried to support their vital ministry in whatever ways we can... especially in their work with children and youth.
Family Saturday; a view from the observation tower at the Košice Castle.

Family Updates

We also remain committed to our primary personal goal:  Maintaining a healthy and God-centered family here in KoÅ¡ice.  Some updates about our family this past month:
  • The weather was unusually warm (low 80's) for the first part of May, but it has since cooled off to more normal springtime weather (lots of rain!).
  • The girls are enjoying school and will finish the school year at the end of June.
  • Tanya has had opportunities to teach English in a local preschool.
  • We have formed friendships and partnerships with several other American missionary families working here in KoÅ¡ice.
  • We Skype regularly with family and friends in the U.S.
  • We celebrate worship together as a family twice a week.
  • Tanya and Jon have found plenty of good outlets for physical fitness - important for us as we handle different kinds of stress.  Thank God for this!

Prayer Requests

We are so grateful for your prayers, and we are encouraged to know that you are on this journey with us!  Here are ways you can pray with us this month:

For the  girls as they finish school, and for God's guidance in educational decisions about the coming school year.

For patience as we learn one difficult language (Slovak), with another language (Roma) waiting to be learned!

For our families as they cope with our absence, and for us as we usually cannot be there during important times. Specific needs include:
  • Tanya's mother Connie, who recently broke both her ankles.
  • Jon's grandmother Allene, who recently needed a surgical procedure. 
For our teammates the McNarys as they complete their stateside activities and prepare to return to Slovakia.

And as always, for open hearts and minds among the Roma, Slovaks, and others as we try together to understand how we all fit into God's kingdom!
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