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Get Involved!

Our previous newsletter looked back - focusing on what had happened over the summer.  This one looks ahead to what's coming up... and how you can keep being a part.  As we mentioned before, by praying and by financially supporting what God is doing here, you are a part of God's work among the Roma in Slovakia.  In this newsletter we're going to offer a few more specific ways you can get involved.

There are a number of opportunities below, but please stick with us - we believe you'll find a way that you can be a part!

CHE Training Course

You may recall that in the past couple of years we've become more involved in a program called CHE - Community Health Evangelism.  CHE focuses on bringing God's kingdom to whole communities through addressing many areas - spiritual needs, physical needs, broken social systems, environmental problems, etc.

Last winter we had a vision conference to introduce CHE to some people who work among Roma here in Slovakia, and in February we attended a training course.  We really believe this kind of approach can make a difference here, especially in some Roma settlements.  That's why later this month, we'll host a training course for several workers and leaders from Eastern Slovakia.

We invite you to be a part of this conference with us. Here's how:

  • PRAY that God would bring participants to the training with open hearts to hear about new ways of serving their communities.
  • PRAY for us and other leaders and translators, that God would give us the right words to say and the boldness to say them.
  • PRAY for all of us as we learn together, that we would patiently wait for God to show us the next steps.
We also invite you to...
  • GIVE - several of the participants will need financial help to be able to attend.  The cost for each participant is around $120 - that would cover lodging, food, materials and would help pay for travel and materials for the leaders as well.
If you would like to help sponsor a participant, or to give specifically toward expenses for this training conference, please do so through our Roma Education Project - you can get to the giving page by clicking this link or on the image below.  Your gift will be tax deductible, and will be used directly to support this training conference.


MissionConnect Trip 2017

We're planning another MissionConnect trip for this coming spring - and we hope that YOU will be a part!  We had a wonderful Connect team in 2015, and we're looking forward to new experiences of learning and ministry with a team next spring.

Not sure what we mean by MissionConnect?  Here's how it works:

WHO?  Anyone who wants to come experience and join what God is doing here in Slovakia!  We specifically design these trips to bring together...
  • individuals who want to experience a time of learning and serving internationally,
  • churches who want to send members to join an existing team, and
  • church and organization representatives who want to explore the possibility of sending a team later.
WHAT?  MissionConnect is all about learning and serving.  Before you come, we'll guide team members through a learning process that involves some online activities and meetings.  Once you arrive, we'll spend time learning about culture and mission, watching for God at work, and joining in ministry activities.  We can't yet determine exactly what we'll do during the week, but it's likely to include visiting in schools, helping with English lessons, joining in discipleship activities, and worshiping with fellow Roma and Slovak believers.

WHEN?  Tentative dates are May 27 to June 4.  If you're interested but have a conflict with these dates, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please consider and pray about this opportunity.  Is God calling you to come join us?  We'd love to talk more with you about it... contact us (reply to this email) and we'll tell you more!

ClassroomConnect (formerly Adopt-a-Class)

Last school year we enjoyed a new kind of project - a partnership between classrooms.  Various church groups and Sunday School classes built relationships with classes at the Roma school here in Kosice, trading notes and videos during the school year.  This project allowed the U.S. groups to learn more about these beautiful Roma children, and allowed the Roma children to practice their English and to learn about another culture... but most importantly, to see that someone across the world cares about them!

We learned some valuable lessons last year, and we've developed a program this year that we think is even better.  Would you consider joining the project during the 2016-17 school year?  Last year's participants were mainly church groups, but we believe there's also a lot of possibility for school classrooms and other kinds of groups.

What's involved?  Each month your group will trade communications with your assigned class - simple notes, videos, photos and small crafts.  Last year we learned that SIMPLE is more manageable for everyone, so we'll tell you exactly what we need and when we need it.

This is a unique way for you to build a relationship with these special children and to help them learn and grow.  If you're interested in being a part, please contact us as soon as possible (you can reply to this email) and we'll get you more information.

What's My Part?

We love what we do here, and part of what we love is connecting our partners in the U.S. more directly with what God is doing here!  In this newsletter we've offered ways you can PRAY, GIVE, COME and CONNECT.  Please take a moment now that you've seen these opportunities to ask, "What's my part? How can I join in?"

If you think of someone else who might be interested in participating in some of these opportunities, please feel free to pass this email on to them.

We thank God for all of you, and we're so grateful for your interest and support!  May God draw each of us into a deeper connection with others as we build his Kingdom - wherever we may find ourselves!

With thankfulness,

Jon & Tanya
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