Newsletter for the Parks Family - CBF Global Missions Field Personnel among the Roma people in Slovakia.
"Praying With Our Feet" - Newsletter of the Parks Family in Slovakia

Exciting News and Prayer Requests

We have some exciting news to share:  We have booked flights to Europe for July 2!  After several months of unknowns, you can imagine what a relief it is to have a target date!

There’s still work to do, however.  Booking these flights has been another in a series of faith steps on this journey.  We are at 93% of our commitments – very close, but still not there yet!  We still have more support to raise, and we are confident that this can be accomplished in the next seven weeks.  We covet your prayers and encouragement as we work to reach that 100% goal as quickly as possible.

The last year has been filled with unknowns, but also with hope and confidence.  We are reminded of how the author of Hebrews defines faith at the beginning of Hebrews 11:

Now faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you do not see.

We are so thankful to you for all the encouragement and prayers you have given us.  Without your help, we would not have been able to persist with that kind of faith!

Answered Prayers!

We do have several things you can pray with us about.  But first, we want to share a few answered prayers:

One Year of Gifts – For nearly a year now, God has led people like you to give… even though we aren’t on the field yet!  That’s faith on your part, and an answer to prayer.  We are at this point now because so many of you continue to give generously and faithfully.  Thank God for your faithfulness!

Timing - We were worried about when we might arrive in Košice, because we knew the McNarys were leaving at the end of the summer.  This timing allows us to be there with plenty of time to get adjusted before they leave - plus we will be in place for a mission team that's coming to Košice from Missouri at the end of July.

Flights – We had budgeted $4,000 for our flights, and were not sure that this amount would completely cover the cost of tickets and luggage (which can be very expensive on international flights).  Amazingly, we found special fares for about $2,600 – and those flights include three pieces of luggage per person, FREE!

Encouragement – The newsletter update we sent nearly two weeks ago (May 2) came at a very difficult time for us.  We had faced some setbacks, and we were very weary and discouraged.  Your prayers lifted us up immediately, and your notes of support gave us renewed energy.  Thank you!! 

Prayer Needed

The prayer requests are as numerous as the number of things left to do in the next seven weeks (that's a LOT).  But here are some specific things you can pray with us about:

Supporters - As mentioned before, the work is not yet finished.  Purchasing the tickets was an act of faith.  We still need a few more ongoing givers who can help us reach the 100% goal.  Pray that God would open the hearts of those who will partner with us, and that God would lead us to them!

Packing – We are narrowing down our possessions to what can fit into twelve suitcases.  The rest we are giving away or selling.  Pray that we would have wisdom as we pack – what to keep, and what to say goodbye to! (Pictured above is Jon's new "dresser" since we've sold our bedroom furniture)

Housing – In the weeks ahead we will have to decide on a place to live.  Please pray for open eyes and hearts for us, and for the McNarys as they help us look.  Pray that we would find a place to live that is affordable and comfortable (housing is expensive), that will be a place of refuge and of ministry.

Language Helpers – Language learning requires a nurturer who is patient and receptive.  This will be such a critical relationship in the coming months!  The McNarys have already made contact with two people in Košice who are interested.  Pray that we are led to just the right person who can help us with this important task.

Goodbyes – With the reality of a moving date comes the realization of all that we are leaving behind.  There are many, many goodbyes to say in the next seven weeks.  Pray for God’s grace and comfort. 

Upcoming Schedule

May 20 - Farmville Baptist Church, Farmville, VA
May 27 - Gretna Baptist Church, Gretna, VA (Tanya)
May 28-June 1 - Family trip to Alabama
June 13 - Huguenot Road Baptist, Richmond, VA (PM)
June 24 - Last Sunday at Kenbridge Baptist
June 24 - Montevista Baptist Church, Hurt, VA (PM)

We'd love to see you if we are in your area!
Cash-in-hand - 100%                              Monthly Commitments - 93%

We're incredibly close, but we're not there yet... have you been planning to make a commitment?  This week is the best time to do it!

One Last Pic...

This past Saturday (May 12), the girls kicked off Mothers' Day weekend with a "Mommy Spa," complete with hand and foot massage and painted nails.

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