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What We've Been Doing This Summer...

We've had a very busy two-month summer break, and we're almost ready to resume school routines - sending the girls back to school, and resuming work with Roma students here in Kosice.  Here's a quick rundown of the things we've been doing this summer...

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Our small family grew for six weeks this summer, as we were joined by Madalyn Kimlick from Franklin, Va. Madalyn was a huge help to us in both family and ministry life, and she got to experience a lot of Slovak and Roma culture along the way. We're so thankful for her time here!


We are still blessed to be able to worship among the Roma and Slovak believers at Devleskero Kher Church here in Kosice. Above: This summer, the church hosted a large team from Germany and Norway, that held outreach and evangelism events (like this tent meeting) in Roma settlements near Kosice.


In mid-August we hosted a team from Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond, Va. They were here to explore with us, and we had some amazing times ministering and learning together. We visited Roma schools, worshiped with Roma believers, and explored some of the things that make Eastern Europe such a unique place to live and work.


We continued language learning during the summer months as our schedule allowed - especially the girls, who have made much improvement! Above: The girls and their language teacher (Maria Sarkova) practice going to the Slovak doctor's office.


During the summer months God allowed us to deepen our relationships with both Roma and Slovak friends.  We're thankful formemost for the friendships, and also for the opportunities for ministry those friendships might bring. Pictured above: A cookout at Alpinka park with a family from the church.


During these two months we also took a couple of short trips that allowed us to get away from the hot city summer.  Sometimes we relaxed, sometimes we discovered things about our host cultures, and other times we had exhausting adventures - like the Prosiek Valley hike (pictured above) we took in the Tatra Mountains.
For more pictures and larger versions of the images above, visit our Flickr page (you'll have to copy/paste this link):

Prayer Requests

We are so grateful for your prayers - through your prayers and encouragement, you join us on this journey!  Here are ways you can pray with us this month:

For us and for the girls as we prepare for the new school year - that they would continue their good progress in Slovak, that they would have helpful and understanding teachers, and that we would have wisdom to help them through the difficulties of school in a different culture.

For open hearts and minds among Roma and Slovaks, as anti-Roma tensions increase here and across Europe.

For our families in the U.S.:
  • Tanya's sister and her family, who have new twin baby boys!
  • Jon's grandmother Allene, whose health continues to deteriorate.
  • Tanya's mother Connie, who is still recovering from broken ankles (she's walking and driving now!) 
For more patience as we continue to learn the Slovak language, with another language (Roma) waiting to be learned!

For our teammates Shane and Dianne McNary, who have returned to Kosice and are resuming their ministry here.
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