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ELTWeekly Vol. 6 Issue 2

Dear Mario Papa,

During the past week we received new subscribers from countries such as India, Iran, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Algeria, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Sudan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Italy, Macedonia and UK. 

We would like to welcome all the new members on the ELTWeekly. Thank you very much for becoming a part of this international network. 

And, here are some comments we got from our readers:

Mahilyo, Russia: "ELT Weekly is one of the best resources I use and find answers to my questions!"

Prof. Aly A Qoura"I really enjoyed reading and viewing the contents of the first issue of ELTWeekly , They are innovative, varied in range and practical. However, the video should be more illustrative with more examples of real language teaching and learning processes. Great effort and very useful topics."

Shampa Chakraborti: "Dear Tarun Patel. Congratulations for a Journal of this kind that offers interesting reads on diverse themes on English Literature & Language. The Conference Alerts are indeed very informative. Request you to furnish the important dates & Registration details for the Conferences to be held in Malaysia & Chicago in 2014. Best Wishes & Regards".

Probably these comments have given us a reason to continuously improve the ELTWeekly. We will be happy to hear from you too :)

Here is the second issue of ELTWeekly Volume 6. 

Tarun Patel

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