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So yeah the Guggenheim Lab is NOT going to Kberg after all. Police apparently labeled (LAbeled.. you get it?) the project as ultra super threatened by Autonom/Left/ Radical Left/ Punks (depending on what newspaper you are reading) and the BMW people said argh...Lieber nicht. The temporary structure used in NY is still on it's way (by boat??) but whether and where it will be set up in Berlin (now they say Pfefferberg again...) remains unknown.
I hope this does not set my future non German car (or my hair) on fire, but I was kind of looking forward to it. The fact that they engaged Lutz Henke from Artitude meant that they have done their research and were actually looking for a real dialog with the independent scene. How would this project effect the development of the area more than Arena, Badeshiff, Lido, all the hostels and hordes of tourist already have? Maybe it is naive but I actually think that if there is a way this thing would become a free park, it is through projects like this.
Besides to let the Mitte in me talk for a while: I kind of think that if have to tolerate every stupid indie festival and semi demo (and don't even get me started on the Karnaval der Kulturen..) they can tolerate a few weeks of shicky micky. Why was Yaam so legendary anyway? Was the beer for free? Was it even cold? There was a she/he in that meeting (read more), who insisted Lutz used all the possible variations of age and sexual preferences, whenever he said something; for example:  Entry to the Lab will be free to men, women, gay, lesbian, queer, dogs and children. If this is the pace Berlin should develop in, then we are screwed (any way each and everyone of us likes). Gott und Gottin hilf uns!
On the other hand, you don't start a project like this in Kreuzberg without being prepared to get your shiny B, M or W a little dirty with eggs, dog pooh or whatever it is people are throwing these days. This also seems to be the real reason the project is being reconsidered and where it really starts to get discredited in my opinion. Support the “Kunstkacke“ to get a few extra points- yes, but not if it's going all over our face.

Why does Guggenheim need sponsoring anyway?

(They are sponsoring the Berlin Bienalle too by the way, a little bit. Does that meant that you would doubt the political integrity of Arthur’s program? If it does, you try and tell him that..)
When I told a friend he said "argh.. they are just doing it because they don't have a big building in Berlin. They don't get enough ad presence". Well then maybe they should build one, next to the second one of Mercedes... in the "sank" Media Spree...

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And on an unrelated, lighter tone: I am sure you know Tät, active for 5 years in this small space on Schönhauser Allee, closed a few weeks ago, there was a party, it was emotional. The end. But not really.
Tät is dead. Long live tête. A new-old space as they wrote in the press release, same space, same name, different artists. An homage (also a French word) one could think, one which Tät initiators knew about, but not really approved... We in pigs support all artists initiatives, even the tad inappropriate ones. In fact here is a list we have prepared for future opportunists: Autogender, General Pubic and as the summer comes...of course: the Grilluseum.
On a slow week that might make an impact but now it’s just kind of blah. Damien Hirst withdrew his photo rights from a cover story in Monopol because they refused his request to pre-approve the article. Now it’s going out with blank spaces.  Ts ts ts...

WHEN: 20.00
WHERE: L40, Linienstr. 40
WHAT: Cloud Studies - mapping a prospective all-embracing structure 2
WHO: Olga Lewicka
WHY: The author of “Panorama” presents now the results of a two years research
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WHEN: 19.00
WHERE: Huchentoot, Chorinerstr. 8
WHAT: opening reception
WHO: Blixa Bargeld
WHY: former Bad Seed and Einstürzende Neubauten leader presents his serial works “Einschüsse”
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WHEN: 20.00
WHERE: Kreuzberg Pavillon, Skalitzer Str. 86-91
WHAT: As deep as you can (exhibition opening)
WHO: Halina Kliem, Infinite Livez, Natalie Wild, Sarah Schönfeld, Elke Graalfs, Rafaela Neff, Vera van der Velden, Thor Karlsen, Dragutin Banic and many more...
WHY: Spring re-opening of one of our Xberg favourites. From now on, regular openings on thursday evenings.
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