27 October, 2011

Editorial Calendar?

Editorial Calendar


Marketing Plan


I know – you’re not a newspaper or a magazine – so why do you need an Editorial Calendar? Well, marketing your business is all about putting the right message in front of the right customer.


This means getting an article about how wonderful and relevant your services are on someone else’s website, newsletter, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

It’s about the humans

Behind every channel there is a human being – someone who is tasked with the creation and distribution of content. If you can offer them unique content that is relevant and interesting to their readership – you just saved them a lot of time.

It’s about relationships

You can’t just send an email to them and say “Hey, please let me use your online reputation, (which you’ve spent years building up) to market my business for free.” Like most things that we want from other human beings, you need to get to know each other first.

It’s about a plan

It can take weeks to develop a digital relationship: finding the target through social media, initiating contact, not appearing like a stalker, swapping email, sending the appropriate content, reviewing, editing etc. You need to be planning at least a month in advance.

It’s about your time

An editorial calendar forces you to focus on how you’re going to market your business and how you’re going to manage your own time. If you’re serious about growing your business you should start thinking about 2012’s editorial calendar in November.

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