15 September, 2011

WTF Do You Want?

Forget your website for a moment,

do you have a marketing plan?

You should.


Your Business

  • Do you know how much money comes into your business?
  • Do you know who gives it to you?
  • Do you know why?
  • Do you know who these people are?
  • Do you know this for each service, product & revenue stream that you have?
This information is the raw data upon which a marketing plan is built.

Your Intent

  • Do you have a vision for your business
  • Do you know how you are going to grow it?
  • Do you know what revenue streams you are going to focus on?
  • Do you know how much you want to grow them by?

This information enables you to project into the future and allows you to allocate your resources.

Your Content

A content strategy is a reflection of your plan to grow your business. It takes your ideas and makes them visible to your clients. It uses words and images to show clients how great you are at what you do and gives them a reason to choose you over the competition.

Your Plan

Stop worrying about Twitter, Facebook and how you’re going to add content to your blog; these things are tactics that become clear and apparent once a strategy is in place. Start thinking about your business and what needs to happen to make it grow. If you can write that plan, the content comes easy.

If you would like to develop a marketing plan for your business, reply to this email and book a session.

Next week: Probably more Facebook
but this could change (again!)

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