Jamie interviews former teens who are going to THE AMAZON this summer.

VG church plant venue
$2500/month for next 12 months = $30,000

  • 80 people regularly involved in life groups &/or worship celebrations… pray for salvation for many who have yet to make a Faith commitment
  • We continue to rent the movie theater for Sunday gatherings
  • Search continues for a full-time venue, trusting the Lord’s timing
  • New church members are giving generously. Tithes and offerings cover all expenses except venue, as well as top 20% goes to missions.
  • As VG continues to grow in giving, will YOU give us the LIFT needed in securing the venue this year?
  • one-time or monthly investments are appreciated!
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Lifetime transformation follows

Longterm Investment

Alexis, Laura & Miguel called to ministry in our 2014 MDA Teen events

Alexis, Laura and Miguel all attended MDA events as teens in 2014. Wasn’t their first nor last time, but it was the year that God “detonated” a call in their hearts. Each of the 3 sensed a call to ministry and made strategic decisions based on discipleship coaching we gave at the Detonar Camp and Chica Autentica event. Alexis took the path towards mission’s ministry prep we encouraged by enrolling in Master’s Commission. Miguel joined the Uconexión university ministry after camp as he enrolled in freshman classes. Both took our youth leader mentoring course and became active leaders in their local church teen ministry. While serving in volunteer student leadership in Uconexión, Miguel took the next step to prepare for his full-time call to ministry by enrolling in Bible School. He will graduate in June and has been serving on our VG church plant team this year.
Laura was discipled under some of our best MDA leaders in her local church through children and teen mission’s teams which served in short term mission around the nation, and then enrolled in Masters Commission. She graduated from their seminary program and now is a credential minister serving in youth ministry.
Pictured with a green t-shirt at the 2014 camp on which he wrote out his “Life Plan,” Alexis set these goals: complete MDA mentoring course, become an MDA leader, a Youth Pastor, and learn a second language. All these goals have come to fruition! Alexis is now married to a gal who also felt a call to missions and completed Master’s Commission, and they serve as Youth Pastors with their 8 month old baby girl.
All 4 of these young people are raising the funds to GO as Strategic Partners to the Amazon in Peru this summer for a 2–3-month mission experience. They will partner alongside our Dominican missionary family who serves there full time. Our VG church plant goes with them by investing generously in partnership.
You have partnered generously with us, many of you for over 20 years, and these young people are the multiplied return on your investment! They were impacted, called, discipled, trained in ministry leadership, have invested in many other teens, and now will go lead others to Jesus in the Amazon. I am sure that most, if not all of them, will become full time lifetime missionaries beyond this summer trip to the Amazon.

Multiplied returns require long-term investment.

Berly pulled off a fun surprise party for my recent 5-0 in the DR, and many of the long time friends present were ones I met 20 years previous when I first arrived — some as young adults ready to partner in a fresh approach to ministry and others as teens soaking up our investment in their discipleship.
It’s fun to reflect on who some of these long time friends are now, led by God to be people of influence. God called us to change a culture through a generation!
At my party were:
  • The Dominican Republic Vice Minister of Women (Government office)- Addys
  • Dean of Humanities for National Evangelical University - Libia
  • President of the National District Bar Association - Yudelka
  • Media Producer for DR National Ministry of Tourism - Javier (our VG church plant producer ❤️)
  • President of the AG National Church Strategic Planning Commission, Presbyter & Pastor - Natanael
  • National AG Mission’s Agency Board Member & Pastor - Jonathan
  • Youth Pastors - Pedro, Pilar, Omar, Leidy, & Erick
  • Regular Guest on a top secular radio comedy show - Randy (our VG church plant Associate Pastor)
These kind of influential returns only come from long term investment.
Thank you for partnering with us in mission.
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