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Why celebrate International Criminal Justice Day?

An ever-developing justice system

On 10 July of this year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) sentenced Thomas Lubanga to 14 years in prison for conscripting child soldiers during the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the first sentence to be handed down by the permanent court, which was established in 2002. Although this was the decision that the victims were expecting, and one that marks an important milestone in the fight against the impunity of international crime, it may nevertheless leave an empty feeling.

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Resumption of the Chebeya affair

ASF hopes a victory for the truth

Avocats Sans Frontières hopes that the continuation of the Chebeya trial will offer a new opportunity to reveal the truth, within the framework of a fair trial. The appeal proceedings should finally shed light on the circumstances of the death in 2010, of the leader of the Congolese NGO Voice of the Voiceless, Floribert Chebeya. ASF does not believe that the initial judgment on 23 June 2011 answered all the questions raised by several parties, including Chebeya's brothers and sisters represented by ASF.

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Lubanga trial

A missed opportunity for the victims

On 10 July, the International Criminal Court (ICC) passed its first sentence, sentencing Thomas Lubanga Dyilo to 14 years' imprisonment for war crimes. Responsible for the recruitment of child soldiers and for their active participation in the hostilities in eastern DR Congo, the former warlord has already spent more than six years in custody; he should normally serve a further eight years in prison. Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) fears that this sentence will not have the hoped-for deterrent effect on the perpetrators of war crimes.

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DRC: many war crimes go unpunished
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