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There is a lot going on in the world of Hammock right now. I hope you take the time to explore all of the info in this newsletter and find something that you'll enjoy for years to come. We know we have true music enthusiasts among our audience so as always thank you for really listening.
Departure Films Video Contest
Six months ago we launched a photo contest to accompany the release of Departure Songs and were blown away by the entries. Thanks again for all your submissions. Now we're happy to extend an invitation to showcase your filmmaking skills through the Departure Films video contest. The rules are simple. Pick any track from Departure Songs and make a video for it. First prize is $2,000 and a feature on our home page, video channels and social sites. Up to three other honorable mentions will also be featured, and we're offering a People's Choice prize as well. Check out all the rules and submit your entries here.

Glow-in-the-Dark Poster
The very talented Ivan Gomez Camarena has created a beautiful 18" x 24" poster that displays one image in the light and another in darkness. It's available here

Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow Remastered
Five years ago on May 6th, 2008 we released Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow. It was a different record for us. We had been invited to play at the Riceboy Sleeps art exhibit after party. It would be our first live show. Since it would just be the two of us performing we had to write material specific to the event. Of course it was intimidating because both Jonsi Birgisson from Sigur Rós and the gentle natured, multitalented Alex Somers would be sitting in the audience just a few feet away from us. Nothing to worry about though, they were absolute sweethearts. Jonsi toasted us in the middle of the set, which helped soothe our nerves, and you could sense their genuine appreciation for our performance. (On a personal note, my favorite memory was when Jonsi sang to me while we were just sitting around and talking about creating loops and soundscapes.)

Andrew and I came back home and decided to create a record out of the music we had written for the after party. There were no beats on the record, just pure ambience and a few cellos added to sweeten things up. We finished recording and Jonsi and Alex asked if Riceboy Sleeps could create the artwork after we asked them for permission to use the title, "Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow." So here we are now with a remastered version and and a gorgeous vinyl release. Why? When we brought the original recordings to the mastering session the title track had been bounced down at the wrong sample rate so it wasn't in an actual key. It was between two keys. When we performed it live we would play it in the proper key and it just sounded better to us. So we approached Taylor Deupree and asked him to do a new mix of the title track and remaster the whole record. The record now sounds like it's in 3D and the title track is now true to our original vision. So rich and warm. As for the vinyl… Well a lot of you have been asking for vinyl from us so this is kind of a test to see how it goes. But the main reason is the artwork. Vinyl sized artwork by Riceboy Sleeps. It's gorgeous and it's just nice to be able to hold it in your hands. Not to mention the warm sound of vinyl. This is a unique recording within the Hammock catalog. Unique in the way it was created, in it's sonic texture and artwork.

We're very proud of this and you can get it in a few different forms: A double vinyl edition with a CD version of the record in a black sleeve; a CD digipack; a deluxe edition featuring the double vinyl, a full CD digipack, and a limited edition vinyl test pressing of the record. All versions of the remastered album come with a digital download. Click here to get it.

Tornado Warning Video
Today we're premiering the video for "Tornado Warning", the final track from Departure Songs. The video was produced by Hungryman in the UK and shot in Chicago by Ivan Villafuerte. Watch it on YouTube here.

EPs, Singles and Remixes
We've collected all the music that has never been part of any LP release and bundled it in a digital album, EPs, Singles and Remixes, available exclusively from our store. It contains three previously unreleased tracks, several rare singles, three key EPs, and a number of collaborations with artists such as Steve Kilbey and timEbandit Powles from The Church. Included is North West East South, an EP that was previously only available as the soundtrack for the Hammock - Thomas Petillo photobook we released in 2010. We're hoping this gives you a convenient way to pick up all of the material that was never included in a major release. You can get it here

Departure Songs Deluxe Packages Unbundled
At your request we have unbundled the different components of our Departure Songs deluxe package, so if you've already bought the record and would like to hear the commentary CD or pick up the photo print or poster, you may do so here.

New T-Shirts
In addition to the new poster, Ivan Gomez Camarena has also designed a lovely tangram that we're offering on t-shirts in one of two color schemes. Click here for the white version and here for the color version or click the one of the photos below.

Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts Deluxe Package 
We have a new two-CD set that bundles our original Chasing album with the record's outtakes, which we've previously offered as a separate release. The new double album also includes "Geminis in the Country", a previously unreleased song, and "From the Dust...We Ran to Greet the Dawn", both from the Chasing sessions. Get the double album here.

New Record
Excited to announce that our new record, Oblivion Hymns (remember the ticket that was included in the Departure Songs CD) is being mixed right now in England by our good friend, Julian Kindred. It's our most orchestrated record to date. Big, big strings, horns, children's choir and a guest vocal from Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks. It's EPIC and a soul crusher. An ambitious undertaking for us. We hope to release it this October. More to come…
The remastered version of Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow is available here in vinyl, CD, and a limited edition that contains the double vinyl, the CD digipack, and a vinyl test pressing of the record.
Get the glow-in-the-dark 18" x 24" screen printed poster here.
Our new tangram T-shirts are available in white over navy and blue and orange.
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