CGAP Conference

CGAP held their international conference in May entitled "Keeping philanthropy’s promises – today’s austerity, tomorrow’s riches?” Over two days CGAP brought together leading-edge UK and international expertise to discuss the response of philanthropy to the rapidly-changing social landscape of need and opportunity.

Major philanthropists Rakesh Bharti Mittal (Founder, Bharti Foundation), Sir Tom Hunter (Founder, Hunter Foundation) presented donor perspectives in a range of sessions and were joined by Rob Reich, (Stanford University, US), Susan Phillips (Carleton University, Canada), Alan Broadbent (CEO, Maytree Foundation, Canada), Angela Eikenberry (University of Nebraska), Stephen Brammer (Warwick Business School). Speakers from CGAP included Matthew Bond, Beth Breeze, Charles Harvey, Jenny Harrow, Mairi MacLean, Tom McKenzie, John Mohan, Cathy Pharoah and Eleanor Shaw.

The conference report summarising the presentations and discussions of the conference is now available. Read the conference report (pdf)
View conference presentations, photos, blogs and storify collections on the CGAP website.

CGAP Five-year Review
At the conference CGAP launched its Five-year Review. This looks at CGAP achievements over its five-year programme.  And what do its results mean for strengthening our society through giving, now and in the future? The accessible and attractive summary brings together findings and messages from the work of the CGAP consortium which spanned five universites and several different disciplinary fields. To receive your free copy please send your name and postal address to


New research
Characteristics of charities
John Mohan and Steve Barnard draw on charity reports and accounts collected by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), to carry out substantial original research classifying and mapping the charity population in Scotland, demonstrating important differences between the numbers and characteristics of charities in Scotland and those in England. Read Comparisons between the characteristics of charities in Scotland and those of England and Wales (pdf).
Employee fundraising
New research by Beth Breeze explores employee fundraising. The paper looks at the shop floor motivations for becoming involved in philanthropic activity in the workplace. Read 'Corporate philanthropy on the shop floor: what drives employee fundraising?' (pdf) and Beth's article in Civil Society.

A decade of donations in the UK 
Tom McKenzie and Cathy Pharoah update some of the figures for giving trends to 2011, as analysed in earlier CGAP Briefing Notes on seasonal and regional variation in charitable donations in data going up to 2008. Briefing Note 11: A decade of donations in the UK: household gifts to charity, 2001-11 (pdf).

Remittance giving and charitable donating
CGAP at Cass Business School and Trust for London launched "Giving back to communities of residence and of origin", a new study of the links between remittance giving and charitable donating in April 2013. Based on a new study of household spending data, and in‑depth interviews with remitters, the report highlights the true nature and value of the generosity of the UK’s migrant and minority groups.  It finds a high level of generosity and community responsibility among migrant and minority households where those sending money overseas are also more likely to donate to UK charities. Read 'Giving back to communities of residence and of origin' (pdf)

Conference presentations
CGAP members will be presenting their research at ERNOP conference which will be held in Latvia 11-12 July. The conference title is ‘Challenges for Research on Philanthropy: New and Transnational Perspectives’
John Mohan will be presenting his research on charity deserts in the session on Charitable Giving. Philanthropy, warm and cold features Eddy Hogg and Beth Breeze presenting Who Gives, Who Gets. And Tobias Jung and Susan Phillips will be presenting their research on philanthropy in international perspective.
Read the provisional programme (pdf). See the ERNOP website for further details.

Institute of Fundraising Convention
Cathy Pharoah and Karl Wilding will be joining the great giving debate – is giving going up? on Wednesday 3 July,  and Cathy will be discussing Trust and statutory fundraising in the current context - a brave new world? on Tuesday 2 July. Further details are available on the National Convention website.


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