Spotlight on Kent
The Kent team includes researchers with expertise on charitable giving, philanthropy, volunteering, social justice and compassion. Along with colleagues at Southampton University, Kent's contribution to CGAP is focused on exploring the redistributive effects of charitable giving in Britain.
Published outputs from the Kent team’s work includes:
How Donors Choose Charities
Charitable Giving and Everyday Morality
'Pictures of Me: User views of fundraising'
Reflexivity, Class and Ethics
Ongoing research at Kent includes studies on Social Justice grant making, corporate philanthropy and the relationship between donors and beneficiaries.
As Kent’s team includes a number of people who have previously worked in charities, we have a particular interest in disseminating useful knowledge to practitioners. We have given over 20 research presentations at major and local charities, and are happy to hear from organisations who would welcome a visit.
Kent is delighted to be part of CGAP, to be exploring important questions about the meaning, purpose and impact of this fascinating and significant area of social life.

New Research
CGAP will be producing a range of new resource papers of the next few weeks, so if you are particularly interested in any of them, check the CGAP website for their availability or follow us @givingcentre. The new series will include:
  • a literature review of research on the links between volunteering and giving, produced by the Institute of Volunteering Research with input from CGAP, NCVO and IOF;
  • a comprehensive overview of corporate giving, with a fresh analysis of data and trends, produced by the Directory of Social Change with input from CGAP;
  • an extensive bibliography of references on planned giving (just in time to help frame the debate on tax reliefs on giving);
  • a major CGAP 'position paper' which draws on messages from research projects being carried out across all of CGAP's participating institutions for the  role of philanthropy in strengthening and empowering communities to meet social needs in Big Society.
Donor Cultivation
CGAP at Cass Business School and Arts & Business Scotland have developed a research-based, ‘reflective framework’ or ‘Thinkit’ for organisations that are beginning to examine donor cultivation. The Thinkit is based on the insights from a research project between the two organisations and aims to help steer organisations through the complex donor cultivation field. Read Tobias Jung’s Civil Society article How to develop donor cultivation and the Thinkit (pdf)

Article on user views of fundraising
A paper authored by two of the Kent team has been accepted by the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. The paper presents the findings of a study exploring what charitable beneficiaries think about the images used in fundraising materials. The research involved holding focus groups in homelessness charities across England, to gain a unique user perspective on this important issue. In addition to this academic output, a version of this study will soon be available as a CGAP working paper, aimed at charity leaders, fundraisers and policy makers.

Survey of charity chief executives launched
A survey to gather data on the relative wealth of charitable donors and beneficiaries has been distributed by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. This survey is part of the Kent team's effort to assess the 'social space' bridged by philanthropy. Any UK charity CEOs reading this newsletter who have yet to complete the survey are urged to do so now by following this link:
Corporate philanthropy research nears completion
The Kent team's study of the 'shop floor' experience of participating in corporate philanthropy is coming to a close. Researchers have observed staff meetings and conducted interviews in a range of companies, in order to explore employees' views on the selection of charity partners and the experience of participating in fundraising activities. Interim findings will be presented at ISTR and other conferences this summer, and a final report will be available in late 2012.

Briefing Note on co-producing research
Briefing note 8 is available following CGAP's ESRC Festival of Social Science event. The roundtable discussion brought together academics and third sector practitioners to share their experiences of co-producing research and to consider the benefits and challenges that joint academic-voluntary sector research presents to both sides. Read Briefing Note 8: Co-producing research: working together or falling apart? (pdf).

Project on UK Giving in a multicultural context
CGAP at Cass Business School has been commissioned by Trust for London to study sending money overseas as an aspect of charitable giving. The project will explore the economic and social circumstances of remitters, compare sending money overseas with charitable giving and consider the potential for a more equitable tax treatment of charitable donations and remittances.
CGAP at The Gathering
CGAP exhibited at the annual SCVO Gathering in Glasgow. Over 3,000 people attended the event which took place 29 February to 1 March. We talked to lots of new people about our research and gave away printed copies of our briefing notes. If you would like printed copies of any of our briefing papers or other reports please contact Rachel on

CGAP stand at The Gathering

Tobias Jung, Susan Phillips and Jenny Harrow organised a panel on “Philanthropy, Public Services, Policy: ’New’ Localism and ’Big Societies’" at the 16th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM). Taking place at the University of Rome Vergata, papers in the panel discussed topics that ranged from the changing nature of corporate philanthropy within policy discourse, via leadership roles of community foundations, to the potential of ’nudge philosophy’ in developing individual economic preparedness in ’Big Society’ contexts.

Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice
Balihar Sanghera’s paper on charitable giving and everyday morality has been accepted for publication in Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice. Read the full paper (pdf) and the paper summary (pdf).

CGAP on Radio 4
Cathy Pharoah spoke on Woman's Hour on 19thApril about the ongoing gap in funding for small innovative social enterprise in deprived areas. She was responding to the difficulties experienced by the 'Just for Women Centre', a new social enterprise inspired by the ideals of Big Society, in attracting ongoing funding. The issue attracted wide media attention amidst a growing awareness that Big Society Capital will be mainly for the social enterprise Big Boys. Listen again
Prof John Mohan from the University of Southampton has contributed to ‘How new is the new philanthropy?’ a three part series which looks at philanthropy from the 18thto the 21stcentury. John discusses how contemporary philanthropists might contribute to the ‘Big Society’ in ‘Two New Philanthropies’ Listen online

CGAP Presentations
25thApril Beth Breeze will chair an event in London to mark the closure of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, which will focus on lessons learnt during the Fund’s 15 years of grant-making.
30thApril Africa-UK Diaspora Funding Conference. Cathy Pharoah is a panellist in the Development Impact of Diaspora Organisations session, she will be focussing on messages from recent research on global grantmaking by foundations.
3rd May Cathy will be speaking at the Scottish Community Foundation AGM in Stirling on entrepreneurialism and aspects of major giving today.
16th– 18thMay 2ndGlobal Conference Living Responsibly: Ethical Issues in Everyday Life, Prague. Balihar Sanghera, University of Kent will be presenting his paper ‘Everyday Morality and Moral Concerns and their implications for Charitable Giving’ (pdf). Drawing on 41 semi-structured interviews the paper offers an account of how charitable giving matters to individuals. Balihar identifies three modes of moral reflexivity; moral conventionalists, moral individualists and moral critics. Read the abstract.
13thJune Charity Finance Group’s Northern Conference, Leeds. Cathy will be talking on the theme of leadership in the current tough environment. Further details
10th-13thJuly 10thInternational Conference of the International Society of Third Sector Research (ISTR) Siena, Italy. Democratization, Marketization, and the Third Sector
Balihar Sanghera will be presenting his paper 'Charitable Giving, Everyday Morality and a Critique of Bourdieusian Theory: An Investigation into Disinterested Judgements, Moral Concerns and Reflexivity in the UK' (pdf). Beth Breeze will be presenting interim findings of Kent’s research on corporate philanthropy. Cathy Pharoah will be presenting a paper on UK foundations' grantmaking in a contemporary context. Tobias Jung will be talking about his research on community foundations.

Around Philanthropy
Budget response
CGAP members have been commenting on what the budget means for philanthropy. Read more

Philanthropy Reports
Global Grant-making (pdf) A review of the contribution of private philanthropy to international development
Million Pound Donors Report 2011 The 4th edition of the annual report on donations worth £1m or more, researched and written by Beth Breeze at the University of Kent and funded by Coutts bank.

Blogs and thinkpieces
Philanthropy in 2012 Beth Breeze, University of Kent has blogged on the UK donors to watch in 2012 and Cathy Pharaoh gives her philanthropy predictions for the year on PhilanthropyUK
Irrational Giving  Sir Howard’s Pro Bono Economics lecture examined behaviours in philanthropy, the related challenges for fundraisers, and the role that economists can play, both in understanding these behaviours and in helping charities. Why do people give their money away and how can we stop them acting so irrationally? (pdf)
What the research says about who gives to charity Who Gives? A Literature Review of Predictors of Charitable Giving by Rene Bekkers from the University of Amsterdam and Pamela Wiepking from the University of Rotterdam. The working paper looks at the possible indicators for donating to charity. The paper covers four areas: religion, education, age and socialization. Read Who Gives? A Literature Review of Predictors of Charitable Giving (pdf) and a summary of the main findings on the advice for good blog.
What is philanthropy? A though provoking video featuring ordinary people in the street and donor. Watch Philanthropy is...

Past events
The Historical Geography of Philanthropy in England and Wales The podcast from the VAHS Seminar is now available
Social Influences and charitable giving The papers and presentations are now available from CMPO’s (Centre for Market and Public Organisation) conference.
Association of NHS Charities' members' interest group on fundraising The challenges facing fundraising in NHS charities was the subject of Cathy Pharoah's recent presentation (pdf).

New third sector dataset
Ian Mocroft has developed a new dataset which allows the voluntary sector to be looked at as a whole. The data will initially be used to measure statutory spending on the voluntary sector. Read more (pdf).

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