Report on The Strong Interest Inventory
Over the last few years, The Education Board of Africa Federation has been working with the various community schools and Jamaats to encourage a greater emphasis on career counseling.  To enhance this program, The World Federation kindly sponsored 100 “Strong Interest Inventory Assessments” for the Education Board to use, in order to further reinforce the concept of Career Assessments in our community schools and to our community students.  The scheme was offered to our Jaffery Schools in Arusha, Bukoba, Mombasa and Nairobi, and Al Muntazir School in Dar es Salaam, as well as to various community youth organizations.  The target age group was those students in the process of choosing their subjects for A-levels, and those en route to a University degree.
Sis. Shama Dewji, a qualified Test User Occupational Ability and Personality from OPP UK, led the exercise and conducted the assessments either one to one at her office or via Skype for students overseas.
What is the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment and what are the Benefits?

The Strong Interest Inventory Assessment inspires confident and informed career-development planning.
The Strong Interest Inventory is an invaluable tool for career-development professionals, helping clients navigate through the potential minefield of career decisions. It is widely used both at the start of a person’s professional development journey and at any subsequent point, inspiring ideas for the changes, additions and refinements that define a successful portfolio career.
  • Empowers people to identify rich and fulfilling career paths
  • Gives different perspectives on careers, from general areas of interest to specific occupations
  • Provides robust and reliable data about a person’s interests and work preferences
  • Applicable to both educational and professional environments
  • Helps reduce risk when recruiting, developing key players or making major development investments
  • Helps organizations retain employees by motivating them and recognizing their needs
Strong Interest Inventory Statistics:
1.  Country Wise:

2.  Tanzania Regions

3.  Sector wise in Tanzania: Assessments were conducted for Development Society Boys and Girls Sections, some students from Social Services Committee and individual students from different schools.

4.  Sector wise in Kenya

5.  Gender wise: The assessments were equally divided between boys and girls. We had 50 boys and 50 girls.

“Firstly I would like to thank Maisam for recommending the assessment to me, it has truly helped me discover myself and realize my potential. In my opinion the inventory assessment has had a great impact on my decisions about the future. It has helped me realize what I truly enjoy and the jobs that relate to my interest. Shama Bai created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for me to be able to fully express myself. For that I would like to express my gratitude to her work.
Overall, for me this was definitely an excellent experience as well as an eye opener.”
Thank you
“The program gave me an overview of all the career choices open to me that goes along well with my personality and grades which was quiet helpful since this is the time for me to choose my career path.”
“It’s been an eye opener; it has helped me discover some of my strengths that I would have otherwise overlooked.”

“The assessment had a significant impact on my career choice since it helped narrow down my options, realize my strengths and weaknesses and based on that, I was able to make a solid decision which I previously had immense trouble with. It also assisted me in realizing my potential and abilities and I now have a better idea on how to proceed. I would recommend this assessment to all those who are uncertain about this major decision because it is quite different from other tests that I have attempted before. It is definitely worth the time and effort”.

The Education Board of Africa Federation would like to take this opportunity to thank the World Federation for providing the Assessments for our youth and thus paving the way for more focused career choices, and thus more reliability in the working arena, both for the employees and the employer.
Honorary Secretary
AFED Education Board
Download:  Education Board - Report on The Strong Interest Inventory (PDF, 796KB)

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