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The Africa Federation delegation to Mombasa Jamaat was led by the Chairman Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi, he was accompanied by the Vice Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, the Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, the Central Bilal Board Chairman (CBB), Alhaj Mohsin Lalji, the Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) Chairman, Seyed Hassan Naqvi, Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania (BMMT) Head of Tabligh, Seyed Arif Naqvi and BMMT CEO, Alhaj Amir Ahmed. The three days visit to Mombasa was from Thursday 13th November to Saturday 15th November 2014.  
While in Mombasa, the delegation was joined by the AFED Kenya Trustee, Alhaj Sultan Molu, and AFED Nominated Councillors from Mombasa, Alhaj Amir Merali and Alhaj Gulamabbas Khaku.
The AFED delegation congregated with rest of the community members in the commemoration majlis of the 10th Night of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and the martyrs of Karbala which was held in the Imambargha after Isha prayers on Thursday night, majlis was recited by Maulana Seyed Mir Sarkarali.

Muharram majlises and Azadari of Seyyedush Shohadah Aba Abdillahil Hussain (AS) and the Martyrs of Karbala are an important tradition which should be encouraged and kept alive. The cry out of “Labayk Ya Hussain” should reverberate in our Imambarghas, Community Centres and deep in our hearts. The institution of Azadari and its sanctity should be preserved and performed in a way which pleases Allah (SWT) and Ahlul Bayt (AS). This being an important and fundamental responsibility of ours to pass over to our future generations the Mission with good understanding of what Imam (A.S.) stood for. A quote from Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 44, P. 329, Imam (A.S.) explains;
“I never revolted in vain, as a rebel or as a tyrant, but I rose seeking reformation for the nation of my grandfather Mohammad. I intend to enjoin good and forbid evil, to act according to the traditions of my grandfather, and my father Ali Ibn Abi-Talib”.
Welcome Address by the Chairman of Mombasa Jamaat:
The Chairman of Mombasa Jamaat, Alhaj Sajjad Rashid, gave a brief introduction of the Mombasa Jamaat, the Jamaat activities and the current development project at the Jaffery Complex including the Welfare Housing Project which shall have 26 flats for the needy and deserving families of Mombasa Jamaat. He thanked AFED for the financial support received towards the Welfare Housing Project of the Jamaat.

Address by the Chairman of the Africa Federation:

The AFED Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi addressed the community members and provided an overview of the various activities being undertaken by the Africa Federation and its various Boards.
He spoke on the ongoing capital project in Dar es Salaam initiated by the Federation in 2012, he informed members that the 20 Warehouses will be ready for renting out by January, 2015, and AFED will embark on the 2nd phase for the development of the Show Room and Office Block on the same site in the front area of the plot.
Alhaj Anwarali pointed out on the economic difficulties being endured due to rapid changes taking place in the global economy which is also affecting us, due to the ripple effect on our members and well wishers whose support we much depend upon to manage various activities and programs of the Federation.
He observed that the Mombasa Jamaat membership like several other Jamaats in the region have dropped in the last couple of years, currently it stands at about 1,200 in total, which includes males, females and children. He pointed out that the community may face serious challenges in the future as the younger generation finds themselves better prospects and opportunities overseas after completing higher education and professional studies.
The Chairman appealed to the community members to pay their Hukook through the AFED centralized and harmonized system of collection and also accountability. He urged members to support AFED which in turn will enable the Institution to support the Jamaats and needy members of the community in areas such as house rent, education, medical and other household needs for the poor and needy which is increasing each year.
He also appealed to the community members to support the Jamaat Project being developed at Jaffery Complex; it is a magnificent and timely project and a mammoth one which requires collective support from the community members. 
The AFED Chairman stressed the importance of unity and building bridges of cooperation with other faiths and communities in towns and cities we live. He underscored the importance of interfaith and intra-faith relationships with other faiths and communities. He stressed the need to engage, to reach out and exchange regular visits and from time to time to invite other community leaders, Sheikhs and Imams from different faiths to our functions, and also for our community to participate in their functions. He cautioned the community against such preaching, acts or public utterances which can cause misunderstanding or disharmony in the society with live in.

The Chairman briefly touched on the current global situation and the critical conditions in some of the Muslim countries, he sighted the unprecedented carnage taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan where innocent people, women and children are being killed and many more are injured in the attacks. He appealed to the community members to pray for unity, peace and harmony throughout the world and an end to the horrific atrocities being committed against innocent people.
Anwar Bhai expressed his thanks to Mombasa Jamaat for offering to host the 76th AFED Supreme Council Session in Mombasa from 1st to 3rd May, 2015.
On Friday, a brief visit was made to the Jaffery Medical Centre of the Mombasa Jamaat; the delegation was met by the CEO, Dr. Sheriff and his colleague, Dr. Issa Harunani who explained on the various medical facilities available at the Centre serving the community members and general public at a reasonable fees. The CEO also explained on the future plans of expansion of the Medical Centre. We wish the Centre every success in their endeavors.
We wish to extend our appreciation to the two doctors and the Chairman of the Medical Board, Alhaj Asaf Gulamhussein for organizing the visit.

The AFED delegation also visited the Jamaat Development Project at the Jaffery Complex in Mombasa; they were shown around by Alhaj Sajjad Rashid, Alhaj Mohamedjaffer Jaffer and Alhaj Yusuf Jiwa. The Mosque, Imambargha and the Multi-Purpose hall have reached to an advance stage of development, while on the other side the foundation and the ground floor of the Housing Project is taking good shape. The Jaffery Complex project will include a modern sports complex, spectators pavilion and parking facilities.

We are thankful to the Chairman of Mombasa Jamaat, Alhaj Sajjad Rashid, the Managing Committee Members and Trustees for the warm hospitality and kind reception extended to the AFED delegation.  We also record our appreciation to Alhaj Mohamedjaffer H. Jaffer for hosting a dinner at his residence in honour of the AFED delegation.
The Secretariat is very grateful to Alhaj Mohsin Lalji (Sheni) for availing his Aircraft for the delegation’s travel from Dar es Salaam to Mombasa and return.
We wish to record our appreciation to Alhaj Sultan Molu, the AFED Kenya Trustee for organizing the local logistics and accommodation for the AFED delegation.
We pray to Allah (SWT) to grant the community leaders, volunteers and members of our community further inspiration and more strength to continue with the noble work they do for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and to ascend to greater heights of success in their endeavors – Ameen.

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