Get familiar with 3D Showcase 2.0

Dear Matterport Customer,

We’re excited to see that many of you have already started using our brand new 3D Showcase 2.0 features. We wanted to respond to a few frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of our recent enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will making changes in affect my live Spaces?
A: Yes! Any changes or additions you make to existing Spaces in your Portal account will be automatically pushed to 3D Showcase anywhere that Space has been embedded or shared.

Q: Will all of my live Spaces be automatically updated with my brand?
A: The default Space URL includes branding information, if you have filled out the Presented by… field for that model on If you add details to this field, they will appear anywhere your Space is currently embedded.

If there are some situations where you’d like to use an unbranded Space (like on an MLS listing), you should retrieve the unbranded link from, and use it to replace any live links, before including brand information for that model. Learn more on our support site.

Q: How do I activate the changes I make in Workshop?
A: Any changes made in Workshop will not be saved to your Showcase Space until you click Publish in the upper right-hand corner of Workshop. If Workshop is closed before changes are published, those changes will be saved for the next time you open Workshop, but will not be applied to your Space until you Publish.

Q: What do the different Guided Tour types mean?
A: Guided Tour includes several options that allow you to optimize the tour experience for each of your models. For example, you can choose between two transition modes, depending on the Space and the experience you’re trying to create:
  • Slideshow mode uses faded transitions from one highlight position to the next. Each position will slowly rotate through the panorama to provide a true 3D perspective of the Space.
  • Walkthrough mode moves the viewer through your Space from one highlight to the next. While it requires a little more time to set up, and might not be the best selection depending on how the underlying mesh is formed, the result can be that your viewers get an exceptional feeling of presence while still having a leanback experience.

Please visit our support site for additional feature descriptions and frequently asked questions. 

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