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Dear Jason,

I hope you’re enjoying the new year so far. It’s been an exciting time at Matterport as we’ve recently crossed several key milestones, with over 800,000 spaces captured and more than 330,000,000 visitors to those spaces since we launched our system in June 2014. We couldn’t have reached this point without you, so I wanted to say thank you! 

I’m also writing to you about an important initiative; the Matterport Ecosystem.

At Matterport, our mission is to give people the freedom to experience any place at any time. We see a day when there is a Matterport True3D™ digital copy of every property in the world; that’s over 1B spaces. We expect these Matterport Spaces will be used to help people experience and understand properties, and ultimately to more efficiently make better decisions, save money, and get more enjoyment from those properties.

You are a big part of this vision, and we want to support your business by providing you the most cost-effective solution we can as you capture properties and use Matterport to help make your business successful!


Expanding the Matterport Ecosystem 

We want Matterport True3D digital copies of properties to be easy and inexpensive for anyone to get, which is why we make our system available to anyone who wants to capture a space. We also want Matterport Spaces to be valuable beyond the initial purpose for which they are captured. We want to make them readily available to the property owner or resident since they benefit the most from their existence (and if you think about it, they are the source of the funds that are ultimately used to create the Matterport Space in the first place).

Our vision is that the Matterport Ecosystem should enable these property owners or residents to privately access and use a copy of the Matterport Space of their property, and to make it available to the goods and services providers they rely on for so many aspects of their property through its lifecycle. Making Matterport Spaces available to people throughout the entire lifecycle of a property is a key part of the Matterport Ecosystem.

This is obviously great for property owners and residents and the companies that serve them, but we also believe that by leveraging Matterport Spaces created to promote a space for sale or rental, we will spark the creation and growth of a strong ecosystem of applications that will drive demand for new content creation (and demand for more capture services). We’re giving property owners, residents, and people who market to them a reason to capture spaces again in the future. That is a win for everyone using Matterport!

Today, we’re taking an important step to develop the Ecosystem by changing our terms of services so that Matterport is granted a very limited license to use the 3D Spaces you have captured and made public when a property was sold or rented. This limited license will allow us to use a copy of these once-public 3D Spaces, privately, for the benefit of subsequent property owners or residents of the property. Keep in mind, this limited license in no way prevents you from doing anything you are currently able to do with your Matterport Spaces, it just helps to make this unique and powerful ecosystem possible.

This “ecosystem license” will only apply to a Space that you have previously made visible to the public. Also, the license does not entitle Matterport or anyone else to publish these Spaces publicly, it merely allows us to make the space available privately to a confirmed and authenticated owner or resident who has logged into the system, or a service or goods provider they authorize. Finally, in what we expect to be rare cases where a home seller or current property owner does not want the subsequent owner to have access to a 3D model of the property they just bought from them, Matterport will provide a means for the current property owner to directly request that their property not be included in this ecosystem license.

Free long-term hosting for ecosystem Spaces: We will also be changing our hosting pricing for Matterport Spaces for single family residential real estate properties. When the change takes effect, Spaces that are public, part of the ecosystem license, and have a validated residential address entered will be free for you to continue hosting on Matterport after the first 12 months for as long as you have your account. They will not count toward the hosting limit of your Cloud Subscription. This enables you to continue to host residential property Spaces for your customers after 12 months for free.

Promotion of your business for future services: In addition, Matterport will provide information about the capture service provider to the subsequent property owner or resident to help them find you should they want to have the property captured again in the future.

Private Spaces are not included: We acknowledge that some of our existing customers create sensitive content, for example, sites under construction or secure locations, which might be inappropriate to share, even with a downstream property owner or resident. In these cases, these Spaces are typically set to Private to share with colleagues or clients by adding them as collaborators directly on those Spaces. This ensures that sensitive private content will never be accessible - even by subsequent property owners or residents - without your express permission and transfer of the Space.

To be clear, as a result of the ecosystem license, Matterport will look to generate revenue from goods and service providers by using the 3D Spaces and our SDK to enable them to engage with property owners and residents through the Matterport Platform. These future revenue streams will fund new technology development like our SDK and a multitude of features, and will allow us to continue to deliver advanced 3D media solutions that make it inexpensive and easy to capture and utilize immersive 3D media.

We also have a number of other initiatives in place to bring this ecosystem to life. Among them are the following:  

  • We released the SDK in January, to enable developers to build important applications on top of the Matterport platform and continue to add features to our SDK.

  • We will be announcing, later this month, a capability which will allow you to transfer Spaces to your customers, so that they can maintain them.  

  • We also plan to introduce free limited hosting accounts for consumers, for their private use, to work with the new transfer capability. This will enable you to give closing gifts or leave-behinds to your customers and to move certain Spaces, as appropriate, out of your account.  

We are breaking new ground by creating what will be a massive ecosystem around the capture, distribution, and use of Matterport Spaces. We’re looking forward to working with all of you to make a True3D digital copy of every space on the planet available to the people who can benefit the most so we can all deliver maximum value to the world! Thank you. 



Bill Brown 
Matterport, Inc.

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