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Resilience and Change...

It's a great time to rebuild and rethink! 

Below you'll find some ongoing tips for your LinkedIn profile  in addition to a seven part series about how to improve your email productivity. Do you use your in-box as your to-do list? This email productivity series will challenge you to make changes for the better.

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Michael McQueen

Are you winning the battle for relevance?

Recent years have seen scores of iconic businesses and brands fall by the wayside. The demise of Kodak, Borders and HMV Music leaves us with little doubt – shift is happening and no organization or brand is immune to extinction.
Charles Darwin once observed that “It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent. Rather’, he said, ‘it is those who are most responsive to change.  
While it may be valuable to learn from the mistakes of organizations and brands that have fallen from greatness in spectacular fashion, there is also much to be gained by studying those who emerge from change and upheaval stronger than ever.
Consider brands and businesses such as Lego, Volvo and IBM – what do these enduring companies do that their endangered counterparts have failed to do?
I would suggest that in order to win the battle to stay relevant over time, businesses and leaders must consistently be willing to:

1. Re-Calibrate

While an appetite for change is critical to staying ahead of the curve, it is first important to discern which fundamentals in an organization should never change. Just as it is necessary to determine which walls are load-bearing when renovating a house, leaders must identify the non-negotiable values, principles and purpose which must never change. Tamper with these ‘load bearing’ fundamentals and everything may come crashing down.
Before embarking on any change agenda, it is vital to first re-calibrate an organization with its core DNA and allow this to be a guidepost for strategy and a touchstone for decision making.

2. Re-Fresh

Any gardener knows that regular pruning is necessary to maintain the health and vitality of a garden. In the same way, organizations require regular pruning of initiatives, traditions and even people who are inhibiting future growth. While pruning can be painful and even disruptive in the short term, it is nonetheless critically important.
Consider how Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has embarked on a series of necessary pruning initiatives in recent months. In the face of $6.4 billion loss for 2012 and a dramatic downgrade of Sony’s credit rating, Hirai recognized that he would need to act quickly to turn around his ailing tech-giant’s fortunes.
His first step was to end Sony’s decade-long marriage with Swedish mobile phone company, Ericsson. Next, Hirai spun off any Sony-owned non-core companies, dramatically streamlined manufacturing processes and cut Sony’s global workforce by roughly 10,000 employees.

3. Re-Frame

As highlighted above, being open to seeing the world from a different frame of reference is the key to creativity and innovation.
Leaders must pay particularly close attention to the views and perspectives of those who have fresh eyes in an organization – often owing to their lack of experience. Such fresh eyes have no trouble thinking outside the box and seeing creative alternatives to the status quo because they have no idea what the ‘box’ even looks like yet.

4. Re-Engineer

Keeping pace with change will require leaders and organizations to continually re-engineer their internal systems and processes. Too often, being ‘in a groove’ can easily turn into a rut and simply repeating the habits that have worked in the past can set you on a collision course with inefficiency and irrelevance. 

5. Re-Position

As times and needs evolve, so must the positioning of businesses and brands. This could mean developing new products and services, tapping into new markets, or completely overhauling a brand’s messaging. 

Consider how an enduring brand like Lego has done this successfully over their 80-year history. Far from the days of simply manufacturing plastic blocks, Lego have been quick to embrace new technologies and approaches that have resulted in the brand remaining powerfully relevant. To their credit, this process of re-invention has never come at the cost of their core DNA. Lego are still a company committed to inspiring imagination and play but they have brilliantly re-invented the way they do this.
Setting a brand or organization up for enduring relevance involves a principle that every experienced surfer understands well. In order to catch the perfect wave, a good surfer knows the importance of keeping their eyes firmly on the horizon. While a wave is still forming a long way off in the distance, surfers know that this is the time to move – to paddle out and get in position. Move too late or not at all and you’ll simply get washed up as the wave crashes over you.
In much the same way, winning the battle for relevance is about anticipating, preparing for and embracing change - no matter how uncomfortable or confronting it may be.

About Michael McQueen | Web Profile

Do you ever feel like the pace of change is leaving you behind? What if you were becoming obsolete and didn't know? Michael McQueen understands what it takes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. He is a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends.  Read Michael's Profile

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Janine Shepherd

Q&A | Resilience and wellbeing after injury, illness or trauma.

As a spinal patient and partial paraplegic, you have a unique understanding and perspective on injury and trauma.  What has been the biggest challenge for you in terms of resilience and adapting to change?
Living with a disability means that challenge and change are a part of everyday life. Juggling medication, living with chronic pain and ongoing operations are just a small part of that for me. I believe that my recovery has been ten percent physical and ninety percent mental and dealing with the emotional aspect of recovery has been the greatest challenge. However, every experience in my life has been a gift that has taught me so much about the human capacity to not only bounce back after tragedy and trauma, but to bounce forward and continue to thrive. 
You have witnessed firsthand, the amount of teamwork required when recovering from trauma, from the team of surgeons to nursing staff, your family and friends.  What are your thoughts on building a great team?
I am incredibly grateful for the care and support I have received since my accident. Everyone that was part of that team, from my surgeons, the nursing staff and ongoing rehabilitation team, family and friends, have all contributed to the high degree of recovery that I have had. A great team is built on a foundation of Respect, Trust and Collaboration, understanding that everyone is working together to achieve a shared goal.
Living well can be a challenge at the best of times but to do so after a major injury, illness or trauma, is testament to one’s resilience.  In your keynote on this topic, you speak about your a health and wellness philosophy, can you share with us one of the tools used to maintain your sense of well-being?
My health and wellness philosophy is integrative. I believe that to live well, we need to embrace all parts of our being, from the physical, emotional and spiritual. Before my accident, as an elite athlete, I spent much of my time focused on the physical aspect. With all the challenges I have faced over the years, I now understand that focusing on the physical alone is not sustaining. I now have a daily practice of meditation and mindful, heart centered living, which has brought me to a place of peace and acceptance in my life.  

About Janine Shepherd | web profile

Janine’s presentations provide an insight to all healthcare industry professionals, as they see how their role can literally ‘change’ a life.

She leaves her audience not only awed, humbled and uplifted but also causes them to think deeply about the way the live their own lives.  Audiences leave with a light heart and a conviction that they are able to change their attitude, find the power within and perform to the best of their abilities.  Read Janine's Profile

Rob Lilwall's two most epic expeditions, the 50,000 km Cycling Home From Siberia expedition, and the 5,000 km Walking Home From Mongolia expedition, were a major challenges.  Rob's presentations offer many parallels to the corporate sector.   His inspirational journeys were also commissioned as a television series for National Geographic.  Read Rob's profile.

John Bellamy

LinkedIn Marketing: 3 Simple steps to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility

I’m often asked… what is the simplest and easiest way to increase the traffic views on my LinkedIn profile. By traffic, I mean the number of times your profile is viewed every day, week and month of the year.
So, here are 3 simple steps that you can do right now, that will instantly boost your LinkedIn profile visibility, and increase your connections.   
Email Signature: Stop what you are doing right now, and place a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature. Sounds simple right? But you would be surprised that most people don’t do this.
Direct Email Campaign: Have you ever thought about sending an email to your existing client database, and asking them to connect with you on LinkedIn? Once again most people don’t do this.
Networking Events: Most people will send a quick email saying, ‘it was nice to meet you’ or something of that nature. The challenge is though, in most cases they fail to set the scene for what they want to happen next. Connecting with you on LinkedIn can be the next step you are after.
So there you have it. These are 3 simple, yet highly effective – not to mention cost effective ways to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility.

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About John Bellamy | Web Profile

John is the LinkedIn marketing and networking expert for information marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals wanting to develop high quality leads, leverage their personal brand, and turn their connections into customers.  Read John's Profile

Robyn Moore is a skilled communicator who has been in the business of creating and changing peoples’ perception through “the power of the word” for almost 30 years.  

Her presentations are tailored to your brief. 
Re-ENGAGE your audience with their whole LIFE: their vocation/job, purpose, family, relationships, community…themselves!   View topics!

Steuart Snooks

7 Reasons why you should not check email first thing in the morning

This is a controversial subject and certainly goes against the currently accepted culture of checking email 'first thing' that prevails in most organisations! But getting control of the way you start your day is critical if you want to be truly productive.

Like many busy professionals, you’re already highly effective and successful. But if you are checking email ’first thing’, you could be compromising your productivity - this article will help make you aware of the consequences and suggest some appropriate actions you can take to be even more effective.
It will also highlight 4 or 5 exceptions and variations when it is quite okay to check email ‘first thing’. But remember, these should be the exception rather than the rule!   
If nothing else, this thought-provoking series will get you thinking 'outside the square' (and the inbox)! 

Part 1: The In-box is NOT your to-do list

Do you start each day with a clear understanding of the most important tasks and activities for the day? Do you know the first thing that should be done this morning? If you do, then go ahead and do it! This is what distinguishes successful, productive and high achieving professionals from those who struggle to keep up with their workload.
On the other hand, by checking e-mail, you risk getting caught up doing what somebody else (anybody else!) wants you to do.  Every time you open an e-mail, consider whether it’s more important than everything that’s already on your to-do list. If you don’t ask this question, you’ll find yourself assuming the new email is more important and you’ll end up doing tasks for everyone else at the expense of the ones you’re responsible for.
Let’s be honest, the emails in your inbox are someone else’s to-do list, not yours. But who should be in control of your time – you, or the people emailing you?
Next in this series, we'll look at reason #2 to NOT check email first thing - starting with email makes you REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE.
Steuart Snooks is Australia’s leading Email Strategist & Productivity Expert. He helps busy professionals and time-poor executives to master the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for mastering their email and boosting their workplace productivity and effectiveness. 

About Steuart Snooks | Web Profile

Steuart is an E-mail Productivity Strategist & Expert who works with those busy professionals and organisations who are struggling to keep up with all their e-mail.  Read Steuart's Profile

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