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  • Mother of six – twins and triplets
  • Native New Yorker, living in NZ
  • Known as Queen of Productivity
  • Author of 16 bestselling books
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Your Pitch Perfect  

By... our mystery presenter!

You know how important it is to devise that little elevator pitch of what you do - not only to get it, but get it right.

When asked, ‘So what do you do’? ‘What do you speak about?’ I used to say something like "I show how to use your everyday business tools better for more time and more income' or ‘I talk about using everyday technology better.’

The responses were often bland. Not that ‘ohhhhh, tell me more’ that you are supposed to get.  Yet, my subject matter - email overload, smartphones, software, the internet, is something every single person uses and struggles with.

That is until I blurted out last week an offhand, but business changing remark “I show people how to get more done in less time”.

On this occasion, for the VERY FIRST TIME, I got a new response. The person smiled broadly, their eyes shone with interest and engagement. They said ‘wow, everyone needs that. We sure need you at our company’. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I tried it again with the next person. Their response: ‘Oh my goodness. I need you!  Can you come sit with me for a week?'

The perfect pitch?
  • It’s their pain point
  • It’s their benefit, not just a feature
  • What will they gain?
  • It’s not the how or with what
I kept putting the word technology, and business tools in my phrase. The how. I thought it was important. A differentiator. Yet from the results described it clearly was not.  My pitch was not perfect, but the tips I have are!  Come and see me at this breakfast event on 6th June.

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