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15 Years Ago

Back in October 2000, we celebrated one of the largest sporting events ever held in this country.  The Olympic Games give rise to many exciting and inspirational stories relating to success, 
resilience and leadership.  Read more

Paul Spinks

Many events were held during October bringing awareness to 'Safe Work'.  We asked Paul Spinks, a few questions about Workplace Health Strategies, and the importance of addressing mental and physical health.  Read more 

Dr Jess Gallagher

Jess was diagnosed with a rare eye disease in her mid-teens, causing her to lose much of her eyesight. Now classified as legally blind, her story of resilience is inspiring teams and individuals alike.
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Apply the most up to date research on positive psychology and neuroscience to improve workplace performance and employee outcomes!  Experience the benefits for yourself, realise the potential for your team.  Download the Great Expectation Effect MindPT session.  
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