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Welcome to our newsletter <<First Name>>.   Grab a coffee, take some time to browse through our collection of tips and information.  

We're focusing on Business Strategy, and begin with managing people and tough love with Karen Gately.  Learn how, or more importantly why, you should deliver tough love.  Enter our book competition to win a copy of Karen's new book; The People Managers Toolkit. 

Futurist Tony Ryan outlines some predictions for the next five years... when did you last consider what the future might look like?  

Bernadette McClelland is a leadership speaker who specialises in sales.  Everyday we are all selling something, to someone.  Her message will inspire you to sell differently.

Rodney Marks offers a refreshing reminder that there are many benefits to using comedy at events, it's not just about the obvious.  If you know anyone who needs convincing Rodney has some ideas for you!  

Business etiquette specialist Patsy Rowe has some key strategies to engage and connect, with great success, when attending events.

Law specialist Paul Brennan brings humour and law together in a way that educates - through story telling.  Laugh, and learn about property protection.  

We have two excellent speakers, Graeme Cowan and Steuart Snooks, presenting at public events in Brisbane this month. To learn how they can help your organisation, check out their topics below and if you’re interested in attending either event, click the links or give us a call.

Finding a successful business strategy requires some serious thought and wherever the source of inspiration comes from for your next big idea, I wish you all the best.  
Marg and the Team!

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Looking for ways to inspire discretionary effort and drive better results?  Karen's book contains essential tools which busy managers need to get the best out of their teams and people.

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Karen Gately

The Power of Tough Love

Among the most important of the tools in the People Manager’s Toolkit is tough love.  That is; being completely honest while delivering feedback with compassion and sensitivity.  An empowering and respectful process, tough love demands that you deliver fair and necessary feedback with conviction and kindness. 

While telling the truth can be an opportunity to help people understand and take ownership of their performance, if not delivered well it won't work.    Brutal honesty on its own can be destructive and inspire defensiveness.  Avoiding the truth, on the other hand, can be equally damaging as it holds people back from reaching their potential and ultimately succeeding.  

Time and time again I observe mangers avoiding the difficult conversations they need to have.  Some worry about how the person will react, while others shrink from the discomfort they themselves will feel.  Some managers are driven by kindness and simply don’t want to make the team member feel bad.  Others justify avoiding the issue to themselves by arguing that criticism risks further diminishing the person's confidence and performance.
While these are valid challenges, people managers have a responsibility to overcome such barriers and provide constructive feedback.  It is critical that you tell people the truth and own your responsibility for ensuring that every member of your team knows what they are capable of as well as how they need to improve.  It is a matter of integrity that you do the job you signed up for, and get past your own fears and comfort level to conduct the difficult conversations that can make such a crucial difference to success.  
Tough love delivered well will help you to:
·         Create a high performance culture underpinned by accountability
·         Improve the standard of achievement across your team
·         Avoid more complex challenges as issues compound and worsen over time
·         Effectively manage not only what people achieve but also how they go about it


Karen’s Book – The People Manager’s Toolkit

Frustrated by the challenges of dealing with poor performance and behaviour?
Looking for ways to inspire discretionary effort and drive better results?
Looking for guidance unencumbered by complex theory and HR jargon?
If simple answers to your team management challenges are what you want, The People Manager’s Toolkit is the solution for you.  This book is a practical, ‘how to’ guide to achieving outstanding commercial results through the talent and energy of every member of your team. 
Avoiding complex theories or language The People Manager’s Toolkit is an easy to understand reference guide you can refer to time and time again, as the need arises. Applicable to the frontline supervisor through to the CEO of any size business the step-by-step instructions can be used to:
Understand the issues you are dealing with and identify the most effective solutions
Review the effectiveness of your current approach and identify ways to improve
Develop the capabilities of every people manager on your team 

To win a copy of Karen's book, enter our competition! Copies available for purchase at any good book store.


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 Tony Ryan

Seven hot predictions for the next five years

It would be handy to predict the future, wouldn’t it? Imagine if you knew the Lotto numbers for next Saturday night? Or the specific movements on the share market in the next few years?

The reality is that it is (generally) not possible. At best, we can only determine some possible scenarios, and then give them a percentage chance of taking place.  For example, a weather report might state that there is a 70% chance it will rain today. Given that an accurate prediction is so difficult, what can you expect in the next five years of life on this planet? Here are some probable options  I’ll rate each of these at least an 80% chance of occurring:

1.   The rate of change will be exponential (as if it isn’t fast enough already?!). In the next 5 years, we are likely to see as much change in our social and business settings as we have seen in the past 10 years. 
2.   3D and 4D printers will steadily compromise many areas of manufacturing. Within 5 years, more and more everyday products will be created within the user’s own home, which will negate the need to have products created by an outside source.
3.   The concept of Big Data will allow us to organise our lives to an astonishing degree. Health, transport, and education will all benefit. Personal privacy will become an increasing concern.
4.   Driver-less cars will begin to be seen on the roads; and will eventually become the normal mode of transport for most people.
5.   The share market will continue to go up (and down at times).
6.   Many everyday transactions (opening and closing doors; making payments for purchases) will be conducted simply by thinking about it. And yes, with the purchases, you’ll be able to check it accurately before you finally commit to the payment.
7.   The world will never be perfect. However, it will steadily become a better place in which to live (at least for 1st world countries. Others may take longer). Crime rates will slowly drop; and standards of living will continue to rise.

And yet, the most significant influence on your own future will be your own thinking. If we asked you to rate your future life from a 1 to a 10 (with 10 being sensational), what would you choose? The likelihood is that it will probably be close to that number!  So, start thinking, what’s your number?


Tony Ryan is a futurist, a professional speaker and a writer. His presentations are provocative, informing, and full of relevant and practical ideas for the near-future of your industry.  These presentations encourage attendees to see the future as an inspiring and worthwhile place, and as one that they can begin to develop today. 


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Bernadette McClelland

Think Differently. Position Differently. Sell Differently.

Everyone sells. That means everyone buys.

Robert Louis Stevenson said it beautifully, when he stated "Everyone lives by selling something'.  And Leonardo da Vinci knew this in a different way. By nature he was what is known as a polymath. He was best known for his artwork, however he was also a sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

As business people who sell we must be polymaths today and share and sell our ideas across  a number of different avenues to create and build on opportunities.  

·         We must be able to hold a conversation and move a person forward to benefit them and ourselves through clicking with them on a level that is both commercial and collaborative, which means we must connect at not just a logical level through outcomes, but we must understand the questions to ask that tap into the emotional side. 
·         We must be able to wrap a message to the market and share it through the ability to present, speak and demonstrate our product or service via the spoken word.
·         We must be able to write our message through blogs, newsletters and written articles in order for opportunities to find us through our E-footprint.
·         We must be able to facilitate discussions at round tables where we invite key people to attend, in order to advance conversations and thought leadership to elevate our offering.
·         We must be able to train, coach and mentor our clients so they tell the world the immense value they received.

In order to attract the opportunities to us, going to the market with a message is so much more engaging and powerful than telling people what you do. To discover opportunities today is bigger than your role, your niche or your vehicle - it is getting clear on your purpose and your overarching message and in doing so will elevate you and position you for greater commercial opportunities.

Once you can gain clarity and articulate that message, opportunities will automatically present themselves. They are already there.
Howard Schultz, Chairman & CEO of Starbucks said, 'life is a series of near misses' and I believe opportunities to sell our product or services are the same - they are right in front of us if we know what we are looking for.

When you approach your market with your message of value for them and not you, then your direct mail pieces, your voicemails, your branding, your presentations and your conversations will have that intention threaded like a ribbon through it. Through this congruence and integrity you will attract your ideal opportunity. And at the end of the day I'm sure you want to be doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love. There is no time, therefore, for anything other than these opportunities.


Bernadette helps individuals, leaders and organisations create the results that matter most.  She has been very fortunate to have created an environment that allows her to keep up to date with the latest sales trends for B2B salespeople, the latest marketing angles for small business owners and life changing psychology skills for leaders.  Bernadette is results focused and creates long term sustainable change by combining personal leadership, sales leadership and thought leadership strategies, creating an incredible force to be reckoned with.  

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Events Education Training

Brisbane Email Productivity Summit | 15/16 August

E-mail is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life. While email volumes, demands and pressures increase, the time (and energy) available to deal with it all remains the same.  

This Email Productivity Summit has been scheduled in response to those crying out for a practical, affordable solution to the escalating challenge of e-mail overload and its impact on workplace productivity.  

This summit is presented by Australia’s leading Email Strategist and Productivity Expert, Steuart Snooks. As a thought leader on this subject, Steuart has developed a series of workshops, presentations, webinars, coaching and associated resources that will show you (and your team) the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for better managing email.

What you learn could change the way you work . . .  forever!  

Taming the E-mail Tiger  15 August | 16 August
7 Ways to write more effective email 15 August | 16 August  
3 Keys to solving Email Overload 15 August | 16 August

Click here for further information.  
Special Offer for Great Expectation subscribers - choose any seminar on either 15 or 16 August - 10% discount applies, quote the code: GE0813


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Rodney Marks

31 benefits of having comedy at corporate events!

1. It’s fun. We’re all dead a long time, especially in the afternoons.
2. It anchors your message, sometimes by sending it to the bottom of the harbour.
3. An emotional catharsis that results from laughter is better than a budget meeting tantrum.
4. The superiority/inferiority fulcrum swings both ways. Hierarchies are comedy’s natural enemy.
5. Juxtaposing incongruous ideas results in humour, insight and transferable disruption.  
6. By lampooning weasel words and waffle, participants’ energy can be focused on real goals.  
7. It keeps your audience awake. Otherwise, your meeting may resemble a wake.
8. It humanises the organisation, populating the abstraction.
9. Better to having the bubble of bulldust pricked by a professional, than by every employee.
10. Tell a joke, make a point.
11. People remember humorous episodes - and associated messages.
12. Promoting a sense of humour means promoting different ways of thinking, creating and doing.
13. People will take you more seriously if you take yourself less seriously.
14. Entertaining the troops enhances morale and productivity. And that’s just from the comedian.
15. Humour is often the explosion of bringing disparate ideas together ... good role modelling.
16. Having a comedian say what everyone is thinking clears the air, deflating unhelpful tension.
17. When people are laughing the organisation chart evaporates and the team appears.
18. Work/life balance.
19. Funny and serious are interdependent.
20. Subtle humour can show the difference between organisational power and expertise.
21. The in-house clowns may be encouraged to lift their game ... or bow out gracefully.
22. It sugars the pill.
23. It stimulates conversation, breaks the ice, sets the tone - and allows clichés to be mocked.
24. It shows confidence in the resilience of your organisation and its people.
25. It makes your people memorable ... in a good way.
26. It’s a happier genre than tragedy – and leads to more optimism.
27. Laughter is the best medicine. Except for penicillin.
28. It’s a tool for qualitative research ... the laugh-o-meter indicates what’s truly important.
29. Even the wisest person likes a little nonsense now and then.
30. It keeps clean comedians away from stand-up comedy venues, raising the tone of both places.
31. Humour questions the status quo in an acceptable way, ventilating new ideas to open minds.


Rodney Marks is Australia's misleading corporate comedian. He is a corporate hoaxer … an impostor … a comic in a business suit.  His comedy satirises management language, and is usually in the form of fraudulent keynote speaker at business conference and events.    Rodney has delivered over 2,500 comic presentations at business events with outstanding results.
Rodney is flexible and will fit in with any agenda. He can present at a breakfast, during the conference business sessions or as an after dinner speaker. It is all about the brief, so brief him, and his presentation is customised to your industry and you can give him background on people so he can gently roast them – this is purely optional. 
He relieves you of your workload, and does not add to it.  His research skills, comedy experience and business contacts ensure the sensitivity, relevance and appropriateness of his humour.


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Brad Blaze | Corporate Entertainment

Brad Blaze is a corporate entertainer & 'speed painter' and is responsible for this wonderful portrait of Albert Einstein. Click here to view Brad's web profile.  Like our facebook page to receive similar updates.


Patsy Rowe

Business Etiquette   

1. What’s the etiquette when it comes to networking events? If you turn up by yourself and don't know anyone in the room, when is it OK to break into a conversation and how do you do it?
Head for a group of three or more people as two people may already know one another or have come together. Walk up slowly, (don’t pounce, you don’t want to frighten them!) and when you’ve caught someone’s eye, say, “Excuse me ... I wonder if I can join you? I haven’t been to one of these breakfasts before and I don’t know anyone.” It’s important you don’t interrupt their conversation, or worse, take it over, just look interested, nodding occasionally. Your turn will come.  

2. How do you excuse yourself when you want to circulate?
If your turn doesn’t come and you feel uncomfortable because they make no effort to include you  (try to sound genuine!) and say, “Thank you so much for letting me join you. I’ve just seen my boss/secretary/colleague arrive and I know they’ll be looking for me.”   Then smile, exit ... and repeat the ‘breaking in’ exercise again (but not within sight of this unfriendly bunch.)   
Hint: Smile when you meet people: it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown! 

3. What’s the most effective way to introduce someone?
The rationale behind a helpful introduction is to give each person the name of the person to whom you’re introducing them and say something that enables them to initiate a conversation. For instance, a ‘single tag’ is used if you know something about one of the people, or a ‘double tag’ if you are able to say something about both of them: “Mr Johnson, I’d like you to meet Joanna Hall, one of the new sales reps who’ll be covering the CBD area from May onwards.”(single tag) and “Joanna, Mr Johnson is our most senior partner and heads up the consumer division.” (double tag)

This means that if you have to move away to greet other guests they both know something about one another and can chat comfortably. Then relax and enjoy yourself!


Patsy Rowe is a woman of extraordinary talent and a specialist in the area of Etiquette. She has achieved enormous success, much of which can be attributed to her positive attitude, her wicked sense of humour and her impeccable manners.  Patsy Rowe now combines being a best-selling author with coaching in business etiquette, conducting nationwide seminars that are as much fun as they are informative.
Having worked for an American multinational company and travelled extensively for work in the Far East, Patsy sure knows her business. Her seminars cover everything from dining etiquette (including a sumptuous three course meal with accompanying wines) to tips on international business travel, grooming and presentation skills, job seeking, report writing and she’s had plenty of first-hand experience! 

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Paul Brennan

Mediate and Be Damned

The CIA is alleged to have launched 638 assassination attempts against Fidel Castro including one using an exploding cigar.  Unfortunately, assassination is not available to litigants - they are condemned to fight their enemy in the courts.

Yet, in some entrenched cases, after a year or so, all parties can feel like they have been through the mill.  At this stage neither party is prepared to give up but they may be ready for mediation. This is where you meet the other party with their lawyers with the object of settling the dispute.   

In the 70s, there was no mediation that I recall. Clients were advised not to speak to their opponent. A writ would be served and skirmishes would occur up to the hearing where a huge number of cases settled at the court door. Few facts were admitted. Communication with what we still call “the other side” would be, for the most part, aggressive. Early settlement would be initiated by the defendant, if at all.

Acting outside these bounds was seen as a sign of weakness. In many cases it still is.
What happens:
1. The lawyers agree on a suitable mediator usually (yes, you guessed it) another practising lawyer.
2. The parties attend the mediator’s office.
3. A lawyer on each side gives a brief case overview  (five minutes). This can be like the assegai waving and chanting at the start of “Zulu” or a “Budget Speech” depending on your lawyer.
4. The parties split up into different rooms and once apart the mediator will tell each party that their case stinks and it will cost them far more than they thought.
5. The mediator will then flit between the rooms conveying offers back and forth and nag the parties into offering far more than they ever expected, until an agreement is reached.

The ideal finish to mediation (from the mediator’s twisted point of view) is that both parties walk away feeling that they have been shafted.

In a perfect world your enemy would leave the mediation and be promptly run over by a bus. This seldom happens.

At the end of the day, if you can't let it go, and mediation is not for you, then there is always the exploding cigar.


Paul Brennan is not a mediator but a lawyer who believes that legal traps are age-old, often predictable and universal. Once told, you can avoid legal mistakes and the pain that follows. Paul makes it easy for you to achieve understanding by using explanations and stories that will have you laughing out loud while you quickly learn to protect what is yours.  

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Events Education Training

Graeme Cowan Public Programs 

Graeme Cowan is one of Australia’s leading speakers and authors in the area of mental health at work.  He specialises in the causes of workplace stress & stress management, mental health awareness & managing change in the workplace.

Graeme is holding a workshop in Brisbane this month. If you would like to attend or are interested in having Graeme present for your organisation or workplace, contact us for more information click here.

Brisbane | Topic: Beating depression - then we can thrive again

Whether you are suffering from depression, or caring for someone who is, this Beating Depression presentation contains trusted, reliable and practical information to help depression suffers and caregivers treat depression that best suit their circumstances.

It includes practical, well-researched and pragmatic advice endorsed by those who successfully made a recovery, ‘Beating Depression’ equips you with tools needed to take action right away – mentally and physically - to cope better, assess expert and treatment options and make informed decisions that start the steps to a real and lasting recovery from depression.

The second half of the seminar will outline how to discover your personal meaning - your purpose, passions, and positive strengths - and thrive. 


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