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Marg celebrates 
10 years!

This week Marg celebrated a significant milestone, it's been 10 years since she bought the business,
Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers.  
Marg hosted a wonderful celebration dinner and we thought we would share one of the highlights of the evening. To everyone's delight, Marie wrote and performed this lovely verse shown below below!  

Tonight we're here to celebrate Marg 
A women we know works [and plays] hard

From Thomas Cook Perth, with top sales and fares
She returned to Brisbane - a real change of gears

She joined the GE team, then run by Ray
But after two short years, there came that great day

She bought the business to run it her way
And that's why we're here to celebrate today

With Great Expectation Marg's been very clear 
Integrity + service - the things she holds dear

With Experience + Knowledge - you need never fear
And the most precious of all - she does really care

From the smallest ideas, from a client she'll hatch
To find the right speakers - making the perfect match

What matters to her is that your event does well
Her pride in a job well done - you can tell

We thank you for celebrating with us tonight
To work alongside you is an absolute delight

May all our businesses continue to grow 
See you at the 20th year celebrations we'll throw

Congratulations Marg, we all say cheers
Here's to the next great 10 years!

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