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Render K v2 Launch is Here!

We've spent the last 4 months designing, proofing, and now machining the changes to our flagship pen, the Render K. And we're finally ready to release it back into the wild. These pens will go back on sale on May 10th 2016.

You might ask, why the changes? What made you guys feel the need to redesign it? Good question, we'll spend a little time going over what the v2 does for the end user and why we feel these changes make it a better pen.

Last winter Karas Pen Co released it's second fountain pen, the Fountain K. Aesthetically it was based around the Render K, though it functioned differently. As we sat down and looked at the Fountain K design, we realized that it might be able to make minor adjustments to the Render K and be able to have a "universal" pen. And so the challenge was accepted, and we went to work.

What we have done is essentially create a cap and a body that will accept two different styles of grip sections: one fountain pen grip section with nib and converter and one ballpoint/rollerball grip section with springs, refill, spacer and an aluminum adapter (see images below for some detail on these specific items). This allows conversion of the pen easily from fountain pen to ballpoint to rollerball and back to fountain pen in about a minute. 

What about the Render K vs. Render K G2, I prefer the G2 refill and I don't see an option for that?

When you purchase a Render K it will ship fully assembled with the aluminum adapter inserted and a Pilot G2 refill. In the box there will also be a second spring and a plastic spacer. These can be used with a Parker style refill if you prefer to write with a traditional ballpoint style refill.

The Fountain K will come assembled as a fountain pen with the provided nib, grip section, converter and cartridges. 

In order to seamlessly swap from the Render K to Fountain K (and use a standard international converter), you will need to use the K_Series Conversion Tool. The tool can be screwed into the semi-permanent adapter to allow the user to pull the adapter free, which will allow for the use of a fountain pen section and standard international converter. This will be sold separately as not everyone will require one, and using a fountain pen with cartridges will not require the removal of the adapter. 

Keep your eyes peeled to our social media accounts for some walkthrough videos that show in depth how to swap back and forth and all the options available to you for the K_Series pens. We feel that the K_Series changes make this one of the most versatile writing instruments currently available. And we hope that you will feel the same.

Fountain K Conversion Kit
Available in Aluminum, Black Aluminum, Tumbled Aluminum, Brass, and Copper
Render K Conversion Kit
Available in Aluminum, Black Aluminum, Tumbled Aluminum, Brass, and Copper
This tool allows you to easily remove and install the body plug for the K series of pens.

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Barstock K_Series line of pens. Coming soon will be the re-release of the Aluminum Barstock pen compatible with the new Fountain K and Render K grip sections. But we didn't stop there. We are adding two other Barstock material options: phenolic (a thermosetting plastic) and Delrin (an engineering thermoplastic). The Delrin and phenolic options will be available in body only, the caps and grips will be mix-and-match aluminum, brass, and copper and the caps will all be smooth caps. The Delrin will be available in black or white. The Barstock K_Series will allow for the most customization of any of our pens. You will be able to choose your cap, section, and body separately to allow for a combination that suits your personal style and look. These pens will be available for purchase on May 17th, 2016, stay tuned to our social media for more sneak peeks and videos on these pens.

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