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Happy June :) 

As we are approaching the middle of this year let us understand, 
before us lies the totality of possibilities in every area of life.
This is a month to trust the Universe completely and rejoice in our limitlessness!!

We are honored to be the only local Studio that offers the unique and cutting-edge practice of Aerial Yoga. Where all levels, sizes, shapes and styles are supported in deepening their practice in safe and fun yogic ways, in the air! 

If you've not yet had a chance to come experience Aerial Yoga, now is your opportunity to come in for the price of one and bring a friend! 

Suspend your worries

And flip your hour glass

With us at Source 
Studio Members $15 bring a friend for FREE
Studio Guest $20 bring a friend for FREE
These specials are tor the first 10 who sign up this month 
* Tue 10:30am * Wed 9:30am * Sat 8am * Sun 9am

Live in Peace,
Mohara Devi

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Together, we'll learn to harness the power of our breath, to open breathing restrictions, reduce stress, ease anxiety, move beyond physical and emotional pain and feel more connected to life again!

Our work is focused on teaching you to create an open, healthy breath. Consciously working with the breath allows you to breathe better, clear clutter within and connect more fully with the peace that is in each moment. Restricted and shallow breathing contributes to fatigue, stress, anxiety, and disease, and yet most of us rarely take a full, conscious breath. Through breath work, writing processes and other powerful modalities, we begin the clearing process to get you back to feeling joyful again.

Q: What can I expect in a breath session?
A: We will start with discussion and coaching around your needs and also ask that you set an intention for the session. We will then have you lie down on a mat or in a recliner chair and begin by looking at the way you breathe. We will then coach you on how to begin to use your diaphragm more effectively to open restricted areas of your respiratory system. This will result in a more full and healthy breath that will allow for some emotional resolution and also a feeling of relaxation, peace and a greater sense of presence in your life. Your breath session is accompanied with music to assist the session. A breath session lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Q: Can I use these tools on my own?
A: Yes! Our goal is to share our tools and empower you to be independent and flow with the ups and downs of life. We firmly believe you have all you need within you and these are techniques to help you access your own power.

Cost $20
* Bring a bed-size pillow and a blanket if you have them

Register online at:

Please join us for a transformational gathering of harmonium music, mantra chanting, inspired talk, Energy Healing, and meditation.
The Chakras are subtle energy centers in the body, representing aspects of our own mind. This session will invoke healing energy medicine for the seven major chakras, increasing our connection to the Sun, Earth and cosmos.
Brian has held hundreds of these “satsangs” at yoga studios, churches, and spiritual centers. Satsang is an immersion into deeper states of consciousness through energy healing, mystical mantra, sweet harmonium music and guided meditation.

Donation: $20
Reserve Space Here :)!scholarship/w2h0p


1st come 1st served :) Register in advance at!specialty-classes/cmzg

Vegan Guide
 Are you ready to live lightly and with love and compassion for all life? Click the link below fo a complete vegan guide and join us Saturday 6/11 6:15pm for a FREE Raw Vegan Potluck with Jennifer's Juice!!

Raw Food Party

City Church
We've been having a beautiful time giving back to the community with our sweet neighbors, City Church! We are always collecting donations and you are always welcome to join us Tuesdays after Ashtanga Yoga, 6:30pm to feed the homeless near the riverbottom. 
Karma Yoga (Sanskrit: कर्म योग), or the “discipline of action” is a form of yoga.
(photo credit Betty S.) 

Call Jeff Coble at (951) 732-2482
for donations & schedule!donate-source-studio/cs8
Mama Yoga is back
Mondays 1-2:15pm 

As a woman lives so shall she birth
In Khalsa Way™ pregnancy classes, mothers move beyond the stress and fear that often comes up in daily life. They learn new, positive ways of envisioning pregnancy. They learn to view themselves as completely capable of birthing. They tap into their sensitivity, their sensuality and their spirituality. Their powerful femininity is a beauty to behold!

Pregnancy yoga stretches, tones and relaxes the body, the mind and the emotions. It helps the mother make more room in her body for the baby and for her own spine and organs. During those worried or emotionally ‘stuck’ moments, pregnancy yoga class offers a time of community and reconnection, a safe place to discharge emotions and to heal.
A mother can teach her baby to breathe and to meditate before birth.
Upcoming Specialties

June Schedule  ::  Divinely Guided

Visit our website for more information
Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils :: Open to Life 

Saturday 6/18 6pm $11 Member / $15 Guest

“Let go and open to life” The crisp and uplifting citrus aromas inspire an improved ability to focus, find strength and confidence to open up to life’s many gifts. This class combines fresh summer citrus essential oils with powerful and restorative yoga positions to create a powerful antidote to our linear world by helping to remove blinders and open peripheral vision. Breathe in citrus, exhale into the panoramic view of the body and life.

Sign up at:!specialty-classes/cmzg
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