What does the independence referendum mean for animals?
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The referendum: Remember animals.

The Scottish Government has published it's vision for Scotland after a vote for independence in September. The "Scottish Independence Bill: A consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland."
release comes after a white paper on policy should Scottish residents choose to leave the UK.

Both are conspicuous in their absence of any mention of the rights of animals or their welfare.

The white paper "Scotland’s Future – Your Guide to an Independent Scotland." in particular highlights government plans to base a large part of our country's economy on the farming and slaughter of animals.

Ministers are asking for our views on their proposals. Please speak up for those who don't have a voice.

No matter what the referendum result from the 19th September we want change. Scotland's welfare legislation and the back pocket relationship between politicians and the animal abuse industry is a national embarrassment.

We Scots and the animals suffering all across our nation deserve better.

Please speak out. Let them know that we won't tolerate the present situation any longer.


We want mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.

We want farmed animals to have as natural a life as physically possible.

We want long sentences for animal cruelty.

We want legislation completely overhauled to protect animals kept as pets.

We want to see punishment applied to those who poison our nation's wildlife and destroy their habitats.

We want recognition of the rights and welfare of animals formally written into our constitutional and legal future.

If you live anywhere in the UK please contact First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy FM Nicola Sturgeon and let them know we're in charge, not their friends in the cruelty business.

If you're an ex-pat or of Scottish descent anywhere in the world we also urge you to make your views known.

Send all messages for attention of Alex Salmond/ Nicola Sturgeon to

Human and non-human we're all worth more than this.

let's go forward for a new Scotland.

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