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The RSPCA and British Veterinary Association have launched an online petition claiming to demand an ban on slaughter without stunning in the UK.

The petition pushes highly unreliable information which we believe is a deliberate attempt to cast sections of the ritual slaughter industry in a good light.

More worrying still the RSPCA/ BVA are binding people who sign to endorse this unreliable information.

These organisations state that 80% of Halal meat sourced in Britain is from stunned animals. This figure is not only misleading but no mention is made that if any 'stunning' is carried out then most if not all will be via a method called stun-to-immobilise.

The Halal Food Authority which pushes this technique demands that animals are conscious during the slaughter process, those involved will be awake and feeling everything. It's very difficult to believe that the BVA are not aware of this, it's members oversee the slaughter process in abattoirs.

We know the RSPCA are definitely aware of it. When Scotland for Animals exposed the fact that stun-to-immobilise was being carried out in slaughterhouses across the UK we took evidence to their Chief Executive of not only this but also of animals being tortured in illegal experiments to 'perfect' the method.

They first of all tried to ignore us. When I personally assured their Chief Executive that if they did not respond his name would be implicated in publicity they refused to act citing a series of contradictory excuses.

Scotland for Animals has been campaigning against slaughter without stunning since 2001 and has campaigned against this alone. The general food chain has been and is being illegally flooded with meat from animals who deliberately have not been stunned.

We feel that this petition is a shameful PR stunt from two organisations which are now finding themselves under increased scrutiny for their lack of action and an empty gesture damaging to the real campaign to end slaughter without stunning. As a result we're asking our supporters not to sign.

The only section of the petition that SfA would back is the statement that a ban on slaughter without stunning should be separated from religious freedom. Many Muslims and Jews support stunning on welfare grounds, we speak to them regularly.

Don't help the RSPCA/ BVA use you in their public image exercise. Don't sign.

John Patrick


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