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June is a month to celebrate...
Here at the Jordan Porco Foundation we are celebrating Men's Health Month and Pride Month!  This month we encourage everyone to engage in open and healthy conversations about mental health with the men in their life.  When men begin to talk openly about their mental health and challenge the stigma that associates mental health with weakness, it causes a ripple effect.  One way to get men talking about mental health is by engaging them in the planning process of your schools Fresh Check Day! Make sure you are reaching out to a wide range of clubs and groups on campus so that everyone feels welcome.  When men see other men getting involved it may inspire them to do the same. A campus community changes when everyone comes together. 

This month it is important to recognize the LGBTQ+ people in your life!  There are many challenges that LGBTQ+ people face on a daily basis that may take a toll on their mental health.  Pride Month is a great month for you to show your support, but remember to continue to uplift your LGBTQ+ friends and family all year round!  Fresh Check Day creates a great opportunity for your campus to show inclusion and support of LGBTQ+ students.  Through inclusive and interactive booths and activities students are able to learn, grow, and thrive together! 

-Jacob St. Jean, Program Coordinator 
Inside the Booths
There are many booths at Fresh Check Day that uplift and encourage students to become confident with owning who they are! The Be Yourself booth is no exception, this booth promotes self acceptance and acceptance of others for who they are!  Be Yourself is a great opportunity for students to learn risk and protective factors within the LGBTQ+ community.  This booth creates an inclusive and inviting space which allows students to find important information without having to seek it out.  Many students that are not out may not feel comfortable searching for this information, but Fresh Check Day allows for a campus to implement messaging in a non intimidating way.  
Saint Augustine University in Raleigh, North Carolina showed their pride at their spring Fresh Check Day!  Students created an inviting booth that featured LGBTQ+ risk statistics and how the community can help to create an inclusive environment.  They had students participate in creating an ally chain to show the campus's unity!  When planning your schools Fresh Check Day think of it as an opportunity to showcase the unity on YOUR campus.  The fair-like atmosphere allows for many organizations on campus to mingle in the same space, where they may not have the opportunity otherwise.  As always we encourage you to submit new and unique ideas for booth activities that made a lasting impact at your Fresh Check Day event. 
Booth Bank Submission Form
Get to know a member of the JPF Programs Team!
Nick Marinelli 
Program Coordinator
How long have you been with JPF?
8 Months
What university did you attend?
Central Connecticut State University, where I graduated with a degree in Psychology and Statistics.

What are your favorite things to do to relieve stress?
Spending time with family and friends, reading, cooking, and hiking! 
Who is your biggest inspiration?
Walt Whitman.  "Leaves of Grass" is a timeless self-love manifesto.  In his work, Whitman had a curiosity about and love of life in all its shapes and sizes.  His words never fail to inspire me, even after reading them a multitude of times. 
What is your favorite part of your job?
What I enjoy most about my job are the mission moments.  These are the positive things we hear about and see through our work which really connect us back to why we enjoy the work so much in the first place.  We sometimes get so drawn into our day-to-day work and may find ourselves a bit disconnected from the big picture.  The mission moments bring our attention back to that big picture to remind us of why we're here, working for those young adults who need a champion most. 
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