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Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends,

at the beginning of the month, we celebrated our sixth anniversary. So it was time for a family portrait. Meanwhile, we’ve been busy with new & old clients, writing a whitepaper and thinking about the next six years (and beyond).

What guides us, is a mission that now, for the first time, we feel comfortable to articulate:

Giving people agency in the digital age. 

That is what has been guiding us more and more over the last months and years. So many people are overwhelmed by the growing complexity and perpetual change. They feel exposed and paralyzed. Everything we do should help people to understand the new normal a bit better and restore a sense of leverage.

To understand a thing is to gain the power to change it. 
– Ramez Naam

Take care,

Igor & Johannes

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What we've been up to

Welcome to AirSpace – Igor was featured in this piece for The Verge on how Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world
IAM Popups: Berlin – After speaking in Barcelona a year ago, Johannes joined a panel with Ricarda Messner (Flaneur/Sofa) and Mathew Dryhurst, hosted by Andres Colmenares at the FvF Apartment to discuss the future of futures. 

What we've been thinking about

Ein typisches Innovation Lab

Why Innovation Labs fail

Together with our friends from IFOK and Covolution, we have released a whitepaper (in German) about innovation labs as an example for the typical challenges of German companies in the digital transformation. 
Looking forward to your feedback.
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Thanks a lot!


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