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Season 4, Episode 11: Escape Perfectionism Once and for All [Podcast]

3 Steps for Defeating Procrastination and Finally Launching

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 11 of the This Is Your Life podcast. Stu McLaren is filling in for my regular cohost Michele Cushatt. In this episode, we discuss how to escape perfectionism once and for all.


Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity and success. It costs us opportunities, even freedom. But anyone can beat perfectionism and finally launch with the three simple steps we lay out in today’s podcast.

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S04E011 - Escape Perfectionism Once and for All
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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The vital importance of distinguishing between perfection and excellence.
  • What we can learn from the software industry about beating perfectionism.
  • The time that circumstances forced me to push past my perfectionism—and I made hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.
  • Why the pressure of failure can actually spur your best work.
  • How doubts can slow you down an rob you of your chance to win—and the simple way to keep making progress instead.
  • Two questions you can ask yourself that will give you freedom to ship it now and refine it later.
Perfection is an ideal; it doesn’t exist in the real world. But excellence does.


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My favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Each week, I ask one question. This week, it is this:

Question: Have you ever missed an opportunity because of perfectionism? Have you ever succeeded because you pushed past your perfectionism? Share your answer on , , or .

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