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July 2011
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What's New?

Fresh content. Thanks to our members, our collection of music is big. We double-dog-dare you to search our Shop - and see if you can't find something you dig. We're betting you will. So confident that we might even throw down a triple-dog-dare next time we meet.

Smart search. We tweaked our site's search engine. It'll now help you find what you want. Give it a go! Start typing a word into the search box, and see a list of possible matches drop down. Whoa, is it magic?!

$1 digital delivery. Downloading music you've purchased or traded for on Murfie is as easy as pie, if you follow this set of instructions:
- choose your digital format (mp3, flac, alac, or aac)
- spend $1
- sit back and relax while your download bakes
- we'll shoot you an email once it's cool and ready to go

Retail copy. When shopping on Murfie, you now have the option to purchase a retail copy of any album listed. Don't be hasty, though - keep in mind that member copies are almost always a better buy. True fact.

Staff Picks

Operation BBQ

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

You've been designated the DJ at a friend's barbecue. Lots of cool people will be there. Your reputation...nay your honor!...will be on the line. Moment of truth - what album do you show up with?

That's the mental exercise we posed to a few of our staffers. Did Mitch, Will, and Tynan dominate the challenge, or was it more like Mission: Impossible for them? Let's find out.

Mitch picks Xen Cuts - Ninja Tune record label

  "It's one of the best compilations of downtempo, left-field hip hop and experimental electronic music I've come across."

Will picks 40oz. to Freedom - Sublime

  "It's the quintessential summertime beer and BBQ album. It has classics that transcend genre and please the ear of audiophiles and newbies alike."

Tynan picks The Black Album - Jay-Z

  "It's hard to go wrong with Jay-Z. I'm not a huge rap fan, but he's a genius. The Black Album was an instant classic. It's got a lot of tracks produced by The Neptunes, stuff that's always upbeat and summery."
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Hi, we're Murfie.

We like digital music, decluttering messes and conversation. We aim to be the best music shop online and go-to community for music lovers. Oh, and we're fond of the term Murf-pack.

The crew at Murfie

Quote Bomb

“When all men think alike, no one thinks very much” - Walter Lippmann.

Can't Look Away

Flying, and fist pumps, and exotic locations! Oh, my!
"Hooked on a Feeling" - David Hasselhoff

Who is Murfie?

“Murfie is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna a new kit” - Tyler, Murfie HQ.

Top Tip

Price your shop! Sounds painfully obvious, but hey! - we're straight shooters here in Murfieland. Visit your Dashboard and set the discs in your collection for sale. The prices are up to you.

If you don't price 'em, people won't be able to buy 'em. True that. Fellow shoppers will only be able to offer you trades. So straight up, now tell us, do you really wanna just trade forever? It's cool if your answer is um, yeah...we just figured some folks out there might want to gear up and start making some sales. First step, sellers, is to price your shop.

Featured Shop

Daniel's Collection 
Browse this shop

We'll be honest, people - you must visit Daniel's shop. It's a killer collection. The who's who of music. You'll be rubbing elbows with the likes of:
- The Doors
- N.E.R.D.
- The Beatles
- Meat Loaf
- Pearl Jam
- Ben Kweller
- Kings of Leon
- Nirvana

All albums priced between $1-5, with the bulk at 1 or 2 bucks...need we say more?

Sound Bytes

Take out your fine-tooth comb. We got a small plug on the big Fast Company. Try finding Murfie in the infographic. But only if you like Where's Waldo? or treasure hunts.

Discover a new species. Sing it out loud, we are family...and the Murf-pack is pleased to introduce a member who's quite the looker.

Mull over the cloud. Amazon, Google, and Apple have all announced cloud music services. [Dramatic pause.] Say what, the cloud's now gobbling up music?!
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