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Green Guessing Game

How much plastic did we recycle?
Y'all, here’s your chance to bag some Murfie swag! For a chance to win a custom Murfie T-shirt and some Murfie stickers, all you have to do is tell us how many pounds of plastic you think we recycled. Hit up this blog post for more info, and to leave a comment with your guess.
Now, for a hint. See the below photo for the pile of boxes we delivered to our local Waste Management facility. The Leaning Tower of Plastic measured 8 ft x 9.5 ft.
photo of plastic
Make sure to submit your guess before midnight CST on Sunday, March 25, 2012. The winners will be notified by email during the week of March 26th.

Art & Audio Update

What's up with the Murfie site?
First things first. Thanks a million for being part of the Murfie universe. And for sticking around, through thick and thin. You guys are truly what make Murfie tick.

Now that that's settled, down to business. You've probably noticed by now that the album art and audio clips on are presently unavailable. We’re fully aware that this is a pain point for members who want to experience The Full Murfie. We’re doing all we can to restore our licensed access, as well as exploring options and alternatives. We'll provide more scoop as soon as we can.

In the meantime, have no fear, everything still works as it should in Murfieland. Sales and trades continue apace, and thousands of CDs arrive from our customers every week. Plus, we're solidly funded for the year. Your CDs remain happy, safe and insured at Murfie HQ.

Please feel free to contact us at if you’ve got any questions or comments.

Independent Artist Series

Want to discover brand-new music?
You should be as pleased as punch to know we feature an eclectic slate of musicians on both a podcast series and YouTube channel.
YouTube channel
First, check out our podcast to listen to easy-breezy interviews with local, indie and signed musicians. Then, hit us up on YouTube to watch exclusive live performances of solo artists as well as bands. Or vice versa. Both are fantastic ways to stumble across something new to add to your music collection.

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About Us

Murfie is the friendly music market. We're part marketplace, part community; a throwback to your neighborhood record store with a digital update. The Murfie hive is humming out of Madison, Wisconsin.

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"The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher." - Chinese proverb

"Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Benjamin Franklin
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