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Announcing our very 1st sweepstakes!
Free Music 4 Life Sweepstakes
Do you like music? Check. Do you like free stuff? Check. Do you want to enter the Murfie Free Music 4 Life Sweepstakes? Check, please.
For a chance to win one free album per week for the rest of your life (that’s right, for the rest of your life), just "like" us on Facebook and sign up for a free account on Murfie. 1, 2, done.
If you share our Free Music 4 Life Sweepstakes on Facebook, you’ll get yourself three more entries. In other words, triple your chances of winning!
Go on, Get Started Here. There's a few steps, like verifying your email address, but we put it all out there for you nice and neat. Just follow along.

The Onion Poll

Tell us how you really feel...
The Murfie experience is like peeling an onion. So many layers. So, so many layers.
Because Murfie means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, we were kinda hoping you'd let us know which layer you like best. Take the poll. It takes approximately 2-3 seconds to leave your vote.
The Onion Poll
(FYI. The top 2 answers, so far, are "selling CDs" and "lossless music" with 26% each.)

Green Is In

Next on the agenda: Earth Day
Green fact. In less than a year, we've recycled almost 15,000 pounds of plastic (polystyrene). That averages to about 1,200 pounds per month. The best part? Any material that's recovered properly can help make other products!

Another fact. There are 15 billion music CDs out there collecting dust in U.S. homes; that amounts to more than 1 million tons of jewel cases. Here at Murfie we want it all!

Now, perhaps you haven't heard... Earth Day is just around the corner. To celebrate, we're making an appearance at Isthmus Green Day on Saturday, April 21st in Madison, WI. We'll have totes, smiles, and other goodies. If you can't be there in person, no worries (you'll be with us in spirit).
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About Us

Murfie is a throwback to your neighborhood record store with a digital update. We're a community: buy, sell, and trade CDs with other members. Our HQ is located in Madison, Wisconsin, but Murfie is everywhere.

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A spoonful of inspiration does a body good.

"If music be the food of love, play on."William Shakespeare

"Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it." - Dee Hock
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