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We're Doin' a Podcast

Aw snap, it's the first one...
Yee-haw! We're doing a series of audio interviews with local musicians and bands. Look for a brand new podcast every month. This month we chatted with Josh Harty, a Madison-based alt-country artist.
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We talked to Josh about his background, music influences and style, and opinion on digital music.
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The Dev Cave

The latest from our developer team...
Forget man cave, mantuary, or manspace. Let's hear it for "Dev Cave," a monthly update from our lead developer.

"This month we focused on bolstering the inner workings of Murfie. We just rolled out a new "Disc Dematerializer" to improve the speed at which members' discs get posted.
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Soon we'll be focusing on the parts of Murfie our members use the most. We want to make the site faster and easier to use as well as implement the features popularly requested by members.

In addition to our regularly scheduled programming (har har har) we have some experimental work going on in the Murfie labs. Mobile apps, cloud music locker interfaces, and other R&D projects are under way."
- Jason Gullickson

Big Dreams for 2012

Time to spill some resolutions...
Here in Murfieland we got guts. Our crew of staffers is willing to share – with you, you, and YOU! – their most deepest, most heartfelt, most ambitious resolutions for the New Year. Please, be gentle in your reaction, or better yet: share YOUR resolution to level the playing field. Hit us up @murfiemusic.
  • "For once, I’d like to learn all the lyrics to a song. I’m shockingly inept at memorizing the words of a song." - Ashley
  • "I’m going to play ice hockey, or release a new album." - Jason
  • "To benefit others with my own self-righteousness!" - Keith
  • "I resolve to get each and every CD I own into my Murfie shop. Boom." - Alyssa
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Holla Back for Giving Back

Kicking off a charitable campaign...
"We don't just love music. We also understand its impact and importance. That's why we're pumped to partner with VH1's Save the Music Foundation. What better way to give back than to help a non-profit working to fund public schools' music education programs. We can't divulge many details yet, but we'll tease ya with this: a Save the Music shop on Murfie.

We're hoping to get things kicked off pretty darn soon so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, please email any comments or inquiries about how to be a part of this special magic to:"
- A
lyssa Severn
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About Us

Murfie is part marketplace, part community; a throwback to your neighborhood record store with a digital update. We're a bunch of music lovers, burning the midnight oil to give you a more personal online music experience.
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The crew at Murfie

Go-Go Giveaway!

For a chance to win $25 store credit, tell us one good reason Murfie rules. Be serious, be clever, be sassy, be smart, whatever! Hit up our blog to make a comment by January 20th.

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