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We think a business like ours should be a two-way street. Here's why: as an integral part of the Murfie ecosystem, you ought to know what’s cooking over here. After all, you're the fuel to our fire. So, without further ado, let's get this information party started.
1) We'd like to introduce you to a brand-new feature in the Murfie arsenal: THIS Newsletter. Whoa! See what we did there? Periodically, your inbox will be gifted with a shiny package of knowledge—like this one—that gives you the latest on what’s happening in the Murfie community, so you’ll always stay in the loop.
Murfie Home Page2) "What else is bubbling up, Mr. Murfie?" Well, not too long ago, we launched a new design that brought you a new, super handy feature—almost all albums listed on now come with song samples, with more audio added each week. That's right...try before you buy!  
Kit Requests Map3) If you were ever curious as to where Murfie members come from, take a look at our most recent kit request map, showing the last 100 requests. As we continue to grow, it's a cool way to express the geographical layout of the Murfie community.

4) You may have noticed that the terms of use of some online music stores are getting longer and more unwieldy, but ours, ours are getting shorter. Check out a summary of updates here.  
Did you know that you have your own Murfie handle? Yes, your personal shop listing all your albums on has a unique URL. Use it to your advantage: grease the wheels of your selling and trading by dropping your shop link on twitter, facebook, and email.
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Thanks to some cool press coverage, Murfie is bubbling over with new CD collections. In fact, so much great music is passing through our doors, we feel compelled to single out a personal shop each newsletter from now on. 
This month we'd like you to meet Jeepguynola's collection, which houses a whopping 200+ discs. We dig the diversity of music—from Cat Stevens to Sonic Youth to Justin Timberlake—and with such a vast selection of albums up for sale or trade, your musical cup of tea is bound to be in there somewhere.
Think your Murfie music collection is awesome? Mention Murfie and your shop on twitter or facebook, so we know you're out there...and your CD collection just might get a shout-out as our next Shop of the Month.
What the heck is a resin ID code? You can exhale now. Phew! I hope that wasn’t too strenuous. I know you’ve all been holding your breath until I posted something here about the resin identification coding system. I mean, I did talk it up. Breathe now, the time has come to discuss that little rounded triangle, with arrows and a number, on the bottom of plastic packaging. [Read more, you know you want to]

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