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Yak It Up with the CEO

Matt wants to chat...
Here's your chance to connect with Matt Younkle, co-founder and CEO of Murfie. Matt's looking to speak with about 25 Murfie members, for 15 minutes or so by phone, in hopes of netting some constructive site feedback.
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Oh yes, there's something to sweeten the deal. We'll be giving out $25 Murfie account credit OR a custom Murfie T-shirt to anyone who participates. Shoot us an email at if the fancy strikes.

It's The Community

So let's socialize...
Have you ever wondered: Where is Murfie on the Interwebs? No? Never? You don't say! Doesn't matter.

Fact is, we're pretty darn social. And with good reason–Murfie is all about the people and the community space and making the online music experience more personal.

We want to socialize with y'all. We want to show off our personality to you. We want you to show off your personality to us. We even want to hear your ideas on everything, but the kitchen sink. So please, hit us up and drop us a line on:

Quality Assurance Sweep

Sprucing up our shop...
As we plug away at making THE friendliest music marketplace, we're learning a lotta stuff along the way. One thing sticks out in particular: shoppers want more details before purchasing a CD. So, starting this week, we're going to review every disc at Murfie HQ. We'll be looking into disc quality, album art, and liner notes.

We'll also be verifying that every disc listed for sale or trade on Murfie is perfectly readable. That means some of your discs currently marked for sale or trade might be deemed unfit to sell or trade after the review period, though you'll still have access to downloads for personal use. If you're strictly using Murfie to sell and trade your CDs, we'll offer deeply discounted options if you want any of these discs back. Alternatively, you can direct us to recycle any of these discs.
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Needless to say, we'll be forking out more info as we begin the quality assurance sweep in earnest. This is nothing to fret about; the review process only stands to improve the site for everyone. We promise!
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About Us

Murfie is the friendly music market. We're part marketplace, part community; a throwback to your neighborhood record store with a digital update. The Murfie hive is humming out of Madison, Wisconsin.

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