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YC Hacks Winner Explains Their Software Stack

Cheap disease analysis via
blood sample and iOS

Tanay Tandon, winner of Y Combinator's first-ever Hackathon,
explains the software stack behind his blood imaging and analysis app

The Software Behind Athelas


  • Codota (Source Code Search Engines): Find Great Android Code Examples
  • AfterShip (Shipping): Shipment Tracking API, used by Etsy and Groupon
  • (Visual Website Monitoring): Get notified the instant your website visibly changes
  • BigML (Machine Learning as a Service): Machine Learning, made simple. Predictive analytics for big data and not-so-big data.
  • Terraform (Infrastructure Build Tools): Describe your complete infrastructure as code and build resources across providers, created by the makers of Vagrant (announcement here)
  • FLEX (iOS Runtime Inspector): In-app debugging tool for iOS, inspect and modify views in the hierarchy, created and used by Flipboard (announcement here)
  • Reveal App (iOS Runtime Inspector): See your iOS application's view hierarchy at runtime with advanced 2D and 3D visualisations
  • ZeroVM (VM Platforms): Open-source lightweight virtualization platform, owned by Rackspace
  • Mitro (Password Management): Mitro saves all your passwords, synchronizes them across all your devices, and lets you share them with others, just open sourced and acquired by Twitter
  • Snap CI (Continuous Integration) : Easy builds, deployed when you want
  • QuickMVP (Landing Pages): Easily launch a landing page and validate it with Google Adwords
  • butterdb (Spreadsheets as a Backend) : A Python ORM for Google Spreadsheets
  • Vibe (Customer Profiles) : Rapportive replacement - Hover your mouse over any E-mail ID, get the full information about the person behind that address
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  1. Stack (Agile Project Management): Trello for dev teams - add tasks and drag them into columns that match your workflow (by the makers of BugHerd)
  2. Asciinema (Terminal Recording): Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
  3. FormCrafts (Web Forms): Make gorgeous forms without coding
  4. Neovim (Text Editor): Vim's rebirth for the 21st century, 8K+ GitHub stars & 85 contributors
  5. PageKite (localhost Tools): Make local websites or SSH servers publicly accessible in mere seconds




  • AsanaA new day for Asana on iPhone & iPad- Asana has redesigned and rebuilt their native iPhone and iPad apps. Major updates include: Asana homescreen, more powerful task and project controls, fast search, and a new Quick Add button.- July 29

  • RackspaceRackspace developer+ Program: For Developers, By Developers - developer+ is a 12-month infrastructure credit tier of cloud services. Things like Cloud Monitoring, Orchestration, Cloud DNS and Cloud Networks are all included with developer+. Customers using the developer+ tier can reach a seasoned Rackspace software developer to help them answer questions. More details on the program here. - July 30

  • HerokuHeroku Connect: Faster Synchronization and New Event Driven Architecture- Heroku has announced major updates to their Heroku Connect service. The new updates lower latency on Heroku Connect synchronization, provide developers with more granular controls and improve insight into their API utilization.- July 30

  • Amazon ElastiCacheAmazon ElastiCache Flexible Node Placement- Your Memcached Cache Clusters can now span multiple Availability Zones within a Region. You can now choose the Availability Zone for new nodes when you create a new Cache Cluster or add more nodes to an existing Cluster.- July 30

  • GitHub PagesGitHub Pages now runs Jekyll 2.2.0- New features include: Native Sass & CoffeeScript support, Kramdown as the default Markdown engine, Collections, and JSON data.- July 30

  • Amazon EC2Auto Scaling Update - Lifecycle Management, Standby State, and DetachInstances- Amazon announced three features that give you additional control over the EC2 instances managed by each of your Auto Scaling Groups. You can now exercise additional control of the instance launch and termination process using Lifecycle Hooks. You can remove instances from an Auto Scaling Group and you can now put instances into the new Standby state for troubleshooting or maintenance.- July 30

  • TrelloReply Via Email- Email notifications now include links below each item with an option to reply to the notification. Click the link to start a reply email, write what you have to say into the body, click send, and watch as your email appears as a new comment on the card.- July 31

  • Amazon Route 53Route 53 Update - Domain Name Registration, Geo Routing, and a Price Reduction- You can now buy, manage, and transfer (both in and out) domains within the AWS Management Console. As part of the registration process, AWS automatically creates and configures a Route 53 Hosted Zone for you. Amazon has also reduced the prices for Standard and LBR (Latency-Based Routing) queries by 20%.- July 31

Twitter: @leanstackio
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