LLO Offers Print Jobs at Reasonable Rate; Clearance Sale; Year-End Reminder
February 2013                                                                                                                    

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LLO Offers Printing Jobs at Reasonable Cost
Featured Resource - Clearance Items
Year End Reminder

  LLO Offers Printing Jobs at Reasonable Rates                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Many organizations have the most basic of copiers and often end up spending a lot of money sending their colour or special print jobs out.

At Laubach Literacy Ontario we have a fairly advanced photo copier right here in our office and we would like to offer photo copy services to anyone who might need them at very reasonable rates! Anything from simple colour copies to business cards, booklets, thank you cards, etc..

Your Annual Report!     Business Cards!    Magazine Style Booklets!   Thank You Cards! Appointment Cards!

Booklets up to 40 pages/Personalized business cards or appointment cards/Thank you cards personalized for your organization  - a great idea to send to donors/OR you may have other printing needs that we can help with!

A daycare within the building in which we are located has LLO do most of the photos taken of the children.  Because they save so much money the halls are decorated with photos.

Contact Laubach Literacy Ontario for pricing or if you have any other questions regarding print jobs. 

Local:                                1-519-743-3309
In Ontario call toll-free:      1-800-608-2574
E-mail:                               bookstore@laubach-on.ca

Our printing and publishing services are part of our Social Enterprise ventures, and, like the Laubach Bookstore, all profits support member services.


Clearance Sale Items                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Year end is coming which means it is inventory time. In order to reduce stock we are going to pass some savings on to you!

Save an additional 20% on your already discounted price on the 'Breakthrough to Math' AND 'Writing for Challenger' books that are listed in this spreadsheet(click on coloured link)

Please note that quanitites are limited (see available amounts to the left in the attached list).  Sales  will be  handled on a  first come, first served basis.

NOTE:  Do not use our regular book order form for when placing a clearance order. To order please contact diana@laubach-on.ca.

Just a reminder that year-end is around the corner.                                                                                            

If you are wondering what to do with any funds that you may have left at  year-end we will be happy to take
book orders right up until April 10th, back-dating any invoicing  to March. So get your orders in!

Click here to see everything that our bookstore has to offer.  OR click on this link to access our 2013 book order form.


We offer a complete selection of New Readers Press materials.

Download our order form to see the titles we carry. If you don't see what you want on our list contact us and we'll do our best to fill your needs.
To order or for more pricing details, call 1-866-608-2574 or e-mail bookstore@laubach-on.ca.

Ask about special discounts for our LLO members. 
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for more LLO membership benefits.
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