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Viewall® Front Components

Display components for your installation; installs like a window.
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Bentonville, AR

Moshe Safdie, Safdie Architects

New museum, opened November 2011

Helmut Guenschel, Inc.'s Viewall® Front system has found a home in the newly opened museum in Bentonville, Arkansas on land owned by Alice Walton (daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton) and designed by Moshe Safdie of Safdie Architects in Somerville, Massachusetts. HGI is represented at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art by six sets of Viewall® Front components. Each Front component features high quality proprietary hinges designed by Helmut Guenschel as well as high security museum quality locks and a custom matched finish. These doors weigh over 100 pounds each and measure approximately four feet wide by seven feet tall yet open with so little effort that museum personnel can use one finger to swing the doors.

After each Front was assembled and fit at Helmut Guenschel, Inc. in Baltimore, MD, the units were disassembled, crated and shipped to the job site where Exhibit Concepts reassembled and installed the Fronts into wall niches in curved walls. Exhibit design was handled by Pony Allen of Pony Allen Studios in Austin, Texas. Helmut Guenschel, Inc. engineers worked closely with Exhibit Concepts of Ohio to ensure proper fit and timely delivery.

Picture credit: Pony Allen - Pony Allen Studios
Museo de Arte de Ponce Viewall® Fronts

Museo de Arte de Ponce

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Brigida Hogan, PRAR Arquitectura CSP

Major expansion work, reopened November 2010

Founded in 1959, Museo de Arte de Ponce is the largest art museum in the Caribbean. The expansion of the Durell Stone Building was handled by Brigida Hogan from PRAR Arquitectura. Helmut Guenschel, Inc.'s team of engineers worked closely with Brigida to ensure that the large Viewall® Front system components -- four, three door units, each door measuring approximately six and one half feet wide by nine feet tall -- would have the supporting structure to handle the weight of these large doors. Weighing in excess of 390 pounds each, these large glass doors utilize stainless steel alignment pins along with the Helmut Guenschel design hinges to ensure perfect alignment of the doors when closed. It is one thing to support the weight when closed. Custom C-channel rails were designed by HGI to mate up to 4x4 steel tubing set in place at each opening to support the force when the doors are in the open position. Safety of museum personnel is of utmost importance.

With the help of a detailed installation instruction manual, Manuel Aleman from Riax Construction oversaw the installation of these large and heavy Viewall® Front systems. Even over such long distances, Viewall® Fronts are a viable alternative to a museum's display solution requirements. This project proves that knowledgeable and competent individuals can install a Helmut Guenschel, Inc. Viewall® Front system without prior Front installation experience.

Picture provided by Riax Construction, PR
Helmut Guenschel, Inc. Table Cases

Table Cases by HGI




From the internal steel frame construction of the durable Viewall® Table case line to the economical Accession™ Series, Helmut Guenschel, Inc. has a table case to fit your needs. Clear view glass vitrines featuring mitered glass joined by a clear bonding agent provide unobstructed viewing standard. Glass options include standard float glass to Clear White laminated safety glass. Viewall® cases feature the optional synchronized motor lifters allowing museum personnel to effortlessly open the display case for artifact placement. Optional desiccant storage is available on all lines and can be accessed through a lockable access point separate from the artifact compartment providing a high level of security. Contact us today for a free price quote. Call us at 800.852.2525 or email us at

New Product Innovation

LEED Support

Made in the USA

Multiple access points

Contact me today to assist you with your next display solutions project. We are always looking for ways to align with key people and companies in the museum industry and bring product solutions innovation, LEED credit and product knowledge to the table. If you are looking for quality products to address your conservation needs, give me a call at 800.852.2525. Helmut Guenschel, Inc. has many employees with over 15 plus years with the company; some with over 25 years. That knowledge and expertise is at your disposal.

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