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First edition of the HGI Newsletter!

AAM 2011 Houston

We at Helmut Guenschel, Inc. would like to thank all of those that visited with us at the AAM booth this year in Houston, Texas.
Denver Mus. of Nat. & Science

Disappearing Case

Helmut Guenschel, Inc. finished up the installation of a large Viewall® display case for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's "The Hikers" exhibition. The five sided glass vitrine melts away as one observes the plasticized hikers and the rock formation exhibited within. At approximately 5' deep, 8' wide and 10' tall, the sealed all glass display case securely houses the project that has been six years in the making.
The display case is barely noticable against this magnificent exhibit.

Timelapse on Youtube

Display Assembly Video

This is a timelapse video composed by the good folks at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Assembly of the display case was handled by our professional installation team. It takes a well coordinated effort to handle such large glass panels and custom engineered crating to transport them safely. Artifact installtion was handled by the experts and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. If you are in the Denver area, be sure to visit the museum and see the exhibit yourself.
JHU Gilman Hall

Study Storage Solutions

For the new Johns Hopkins archaeological museum in the historic Gilman Hall, Helmut Guenschel’s Viewall® display cases, with expansive glass surfaces on front and back, form the perimeter walls of the museum. The cases, each 40 feet long and 11 feet tall contain a semi-permanent display of some of the collection’s highest-quality pieces.

Table Cases


Helmut Guenschel Table Cases are designed for exhibiting small objects, documents, and other artifacts safely.  Our patented hardware systems address ease of access to the case interior while exceeding the most rigorous of conservation standards.  Please ask about various designs and sizes to meet your needs.
Contact us for more information at
800.852.2525 or via email.
Made in America

Keep America working!

We are a purely American company incorporated in Maryland since 1964. Whenever you purchase our products, you are ensuring that families can survive in these tough economic times. When people are employed, they have purchasing power that in turn keeps others employed. Do your part to help rebuild our economy. Thank you.
New shelf support!


Our shelf support system is easier to use!
We are pleased to announce the newest innovation for our Viewall® Advanced Display Case Systems.
Adjusting shelves no longer requires tedious adjustments using the Allen wrench.   The new innovation design allows for easy grip and slide adjustability. New support system shown with optional under-shelf LED lighting.
Call us today for more details!


Front Component Systems

Smart Choices!

Viewall® Fronts are ideal for reducing costs while maintaining quality.

Ever wanted to convert a niche into an elegant display case? 

We can help!

Viewall® Front installs just like a window into your existing opening or cabinet.
800.852.2525 or
Going Green!

Going Green?

For organizations looking to use sustainable construction materials, such as recycled aluminum and steel, we can help.  All of HGI’s display cases utilize raw materials, such as aluminum, steel, glass and panel products that have recycled content. 
Depending upon the final design we have achieved 25% recycled material content expressed as a percentage of total weight of the display case. 
Our products are domestically produced, manufactured right here in Baltimore Maryland.  In many instances our close proximity to the construction site enables us to minimize the energy usage in terms transportation energy which may help achieve LEEDS certification.

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