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Tactics of the Left

Immigration - Common Core- National Security 

Four weeks ago the College Board president David Coleman admitted he snookered Republican governors into accepting Common Core.
In his May 17 presentation to education data analysts in Boston, the author of Common Core State Standards 

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Wednesday June 19th, 2013

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Prayer and Unity Rally at the Capitol
Call to Action for God’s People to Arise
Austin, Texas— On June 22, 2013 
Pastors and Citizens from across the state and from beyond will gather in Prayer and Unity in the Texas State Capitol Auditorium.

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Merrill Hope
Merrill Hope's latest work ~The entire series: The Education Code below are a series of article she has written on the Education Code. 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
 Do you know your Kids Right? You better listen Moms and Dads: Click here and listen to the audio and then check out the Pamphlet that Teacher and Education Correspondent Mary Bowen shared with us on the show here>>…wyourrights.pdf
Know your Rights Kids
The Library lesson Mary referenced in the show is found in this video on Sexting.…-sexting?fd=1
Who is the Passion behind Common Core? Her name is Sarah Brown Wessling  

Is Common Core in Texas? ~ You Bet it is!!  

Is Common Core in Texas ~ Yes it is!

Education- who is taking control over our children using our tax dollars? 

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