Join the Movement to #StopCommoncore and #StopCSCOPE: Conference Call tonight!! 

Call for Information Pushers! 



CSCOPE the Real Story-
Where do we go from here?
Breaking News on the Conference Call!

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Wednesday May 29th~

Conference Call Dial-in: 

1-267-507-0240 Access Code 702165
 8:30 pm CST

Together we will make the difference.  

Stop Common Core in Texas


Schedule a Boots on the Ground workshop in your district to take on the Educrats!  

Education: To Schedule a workshop call Celena at 817-247-8905.

If you missed last weeks confererence Call Click the Link Below.


 Truth to Power! 

Report of the East Texas Education Forum

Presented by the Canton Tea Party

Conference call will focus on the Texas Ground Game Strategy to fight against Districts
Digging their heels in on CSCOPE! 


In the Texas State Capitol Elected Officials want your Money 

So did you notice… The political maneuvering in the Texas Legislature over CSCOPE?


Education- who is taking control over our children using our tax dollars? 

The graphic below can be used for Yard signs in your local area! 


Stop CSCOPE Petition


Click the photo above to sign the Petition and Join the movement to#StopCSCOPE 

Meet the Women On the Wall...... 

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