and other common listening mistakes. 
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• Quiz: How honest are you with your partner?   
• Ask Ammanda: He spent £1,500 at a lap dancing club!
• Video: Avoid the top three most common listening mistakes 
• Common problem: We don't talk anymore! 
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How honest are you with your partner? 
As with many things when it comes to relationships how open and honest you should be with your partner is often a case of balance. If you'd like tips on learning to manage how open you are, you might like to take our quiz
He spent £1,500 at a lap dancing club!
In this Ask Ammanda column a woman is considering leaving her husband after he visited a lap dancing club, and years of being taken advantage of time and again. Read more about what Ammanda's advice is.  
How to avoid the top three most common listening mistakes
We're all to blame when it comes to not quite paying enough attention to your partner or friend when they're sharing. It's ok, but if it's becoming a regular occurrence then maybe it's time to re-evaluate how you listen by knowing which are the three most common listening mistakes. We've even turned it into a video. Watch 
We don't talk anymore!  
Are we doing it the right way? Do we do it enough? These are common questions which come up when people think about communication. Here are a few tips on how to improve your skills. Read more    
The Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy 
Whatever the stage of your relationship, this book will inspire and enable you to take control, develop relationship intimacy and sustain a satisfying sex life. Read more   
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