It's all in the balance . . .
Living Whole

Living In Balance

Know how to live the time that is given you. 
Dario Fo 

In Rhythm with Time. . .

Most often Time twirls us so that we use all our energy simply keeping up.  The soulful music of our dance lost for the focus on keeping up.  In other instances, Time stops, and we are left swaying, to then fro, searching for that unique tempo we put aside to live in step with Time.  To dance effortlessly with Time, a desire and a challenge we attempt to master throughout our lives.

Like so many of us, I perform a very awkward dance with Time.  We seldom seem to be in step with each other.  I am either a bit too early with something, thus there is empty space too small to slip anything in, which has me twirling alone abandoned by Time.  Or I am more than a bit late, such that priorities begin to bump into one another, leaving me in continual apology for stepping on toes.  Those few moments where Time and I move in concord, the Past and Future stand waiting just outside our dance circle, for that moment one can cut in and place us at odds, the struggle to find our rhythm and simpatico beginning again.

There is this one day that Time and I find our rhythm.   This gift found in an episode of Star Trek.

I am a Trekkie from way back.  For the few that may not know what it is to be a Trekkie,  it is not the desire to undertake a long voyage that defines me.  Though for all the episodes and movies I have watched, I guess I am a voyager of sorts.  I am a devotee of that unmatched believer of human potential – Gene Roddenberry and his infamous television and movie series, Star Trek.

In one particular episode, a romantic interlude, Captain Picard (Next Generation) meets a most intriguing woman.  (She is 300 years old and does not look a day over 40.)  As the story’s unfolds, they find a few moments to be alone together.  Picard is agitated; to him the time is too brief.  She, however, is calm, contented.  Unknown to him, she has developed a partnership with Time.  As they walk through the hills in the afternoon sun, she brings Picard with her and Time into the present moment in a way that melds past, present and future.  Time and they share this space in harmonious balance.  As we view the scene, Picard watches each individual flap of a hummingbird’s wings.  Oh to be in such a state with Time, giving and taking never at odds.  How to achieve such rhythm in our own lives?

We approach my favorite day of all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year – Daylight Savings Time of late fall.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and the day the air, fulls of the first hints of autumn, fill my soul are amazing.  Of all the days that bring joy, none has the savory contentment of the day we set the clocks back.  Of all the traditions other days bring, Christmas Eve’s rack of lamb dinner, the purchase of mums and pumpkins to set on the front porch of Fall, they all pale in consideration to the celebration of turning back the clock.  We have become tired of waking in the dark and having the light fade early evening.  We welcome this ritual that extends our lighted day, and with it we are given the gift of one extra hour.

It will always be mysterious for me how awareness reaches us.  How, out of seemly nowhere, we find an answer, a direction, a solution.  After watching what skillful dancing with Time brought Picard, I came upon a variation Time and I are able to perform one day a year.

Past, Present, Future Bound Together . . .

November Fourth of this year is that date.  The day will begin in dark as days since mid-fall have begun.  At two o’clock in the morning, the clock will fall back.  There will be one extra hour, sixty precious minutes, on this autumn Sunday.  Most individuals, I used to be one of them, squander this hour lounging in bed, waking at the new “regular” time to live the day as any other.  For me, this practice changed after that episode.

I will wake and begin this day as any other day.  I will wait to set my clocks back that one hour.  I will take this hour and put it in my pocket . . . to use as I choose, when I choose.  Until then I will dance with Time, as I do all the other 364 days.  I will dress and go about my morning as others a little early somewhat behind, counting 1-2-3, 1-2-3, as I waltz further into the day.  I will do this knowing there is one hour yet to be shared.  One single hour Time and I have put aside.  Off to the market or appointment, coffee with a friend, the day will flow as it usually does until Time and I agree to our Pas de Deux.  It is then I will set all my clocks back and spend one hour suspended – past, present, future bound together - one hour spent as I choose, with whomever I choose.  One hour in which I will know that harmony Picard lived.  One hour I will dream it is possible for Time and I to master our dance.

The hour will past, the future will cut in, and I will move on knowing, while mastery of the dance is an ever practiced lesson, once a year Time and I dance for sixty glorious minutes in perfect harmony and balance. 



Vol I, Issue 2