Summer Edition 2014
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Hi <<First Name>>,

Summertime is fast coming to a close...  But there's still time to take advantage of the season and soak up some sunshine, take a swim at the beach or enjoy an afternoon picnic with friends.  For many of us, summertime can be the healthiest, most active & energized time of the year!

In this issue I’m excited to share with you in the blog the mind-blowing results of the  "Rice & Water Experiment"  I recently tried out at home.  What I discovered is guaranteed to surprise you and leave you with a new understanding of the power of your thoughts to positively – or negatively – impact your energy, health & wellbeing.

I’m also including an article with some fascinating information on the healing power of water according to the revolutionary research of Dr Emoto of Japan. 

You'll find out about my special "END OF SUMMER PROMOTION" that will enable you to reap the health benefits of drinking the highest quality water – now easily available in your own home.

Finally, check out my Top 10 Tips for getting your negative thoughts handled – anytime, anywhere!

Here's to making this your best summer ever!

Blog: Can Your Thoughts Turn Rice Black?

I recently did an experiment involving nothing more than ordinary rice and water that totally blew my mind!

Take a look at the three jars and their labels in the photo above and note the differences between them.  This photo was taken just one week after the experiment began. 

As you can see, the rice in the “I Hate You Jar”  turned black!  The "Neutral Jar" turned cloudy and a whitish scum began to form on the inside glass.  But the "I Love You Jar" remained the clearest of them all!  Pretty amazing, eh?

The first time I saw this experiment performed was in a video on YouTube.  I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical;   it just seemed too bizarre to be true...

But seeing is believing, and I'm a believer now! 

Why not try the experiment out for yourself and draw your own conclusions?  Here's what I did:

First, I got 3 identical jelly jars and filled them three-quarters full with tap water.  Next, I placed a heaping tablespoon of cooked white rice in each jar and put the lids on.  I labelled them as follows: 

1.  "I Hate You – You’re an Idiot!"  2.  "I Love You – You are Wonderful!"  3.  [No label].  The 3rd jar is “neutral” and serves as the “control” in the experiment.

Then, each day, for a week, I spoke to the jars!  Yup, I know it sounds crazy, but I literally said the words on the labels out loud to each respective jar.

The results speak for themselves...  This simple, yet ingenious, experiment provides evidence that our thoughts, intentions and emotions have a profound impact on ourselves, others and the environment around us!

Article: Water - Your Inner Healer

A few years ago, Dr. Masura Emoto brought to the world's attention the astonishing capacity of water to be affected by the energy and intention of our thoughts!

Look at the photographs below of ice water crystals taken in a lab by Dr Emoto.  Some are dark, dull and distorted, while other are bright and beautifully formed.

The top row demonstrates the power of prayer on water.  The bottom row shows how pollution impacted water in two different rivers. 

Now, consider... Which water crystal would be more likely to heal and energize a living organism?  Which would you prefer to drink and have inside you?

The human body is estimated to be 70 percent water, and water is an integral part of every body function and process.  Imagine what would happen if you poured positive, healing, energizing thoughts into your drinking water?

Now, take this one step further and think about what might occur if you transformed the inner terrain of your body from its probable acidic state, loaded with toxins (typical for most people these days) to a more natural alkaline state, full of oxygen, nutrients and water that is fresh, pure and alive?


Energy Tip: Top 10 Ways
to Deal with Your Negative Thoughts...

It's a typical day.  Everything's going along fine, then all of a sudden, something happens...! 

The landlord increases the rent...  The doctor hands you an unwelcome diagnosis...  The one you're dating now wants to "just be friends". 

Almost immediately your emotions escalate while your energy drops like a lead balloon! 

And your mind begins to create all sorts of negative scenarios, most of them about a future that is at best unhappy, at worse, disastrous!

When we start to have negative thoughts, it can be hard to stop them!   Here are 10 things I do to overcome my negative thoughts -- and avoid spiraling down a path that is painful and unnecessary.  Try them out yourself and discover how to tame ol' monkey-mind!
1 . Sing.  Didn't expect that one, did you? Every time I sing I always feel better! When we sing, we express our feelings and this provides an amazing stress relief.   Believe it or not, these days your TV cable company probably includes a free Karaoke Channel!

2. Do Yoga or Qi Gong.   Both of these ancient practices take your focus away from your unsupportive thoughts and bring your attention to your breath.  Consciously breathing helps your energy, or “chi”, to flow smoothly throughout your body, promoting good health and well being.

3. Tap it out with “EFT”.   I use Emotional Freedom Technique practically daily!  I love teaching it to people because it is the fastest way I’ve yet discovered to transform negative thoughts and emotions.  In just a few minutes you can shift your mood, relieve stress and heal yourself at a deep level.  

4.  Surround yourself with positive people.  When you’re stuck in a negative spiral, talk to people who can put things into perspective, uplift you and won’t feed your negative thinking.

5.  Enough already with “Poor Me”!  Step it up and start to create your life.  Negative thinking keeps us stuck, a victim of our circumstances.  We will always have the power to choose a better feeling thought and to make new, amazing things happen.

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