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Welcome to Transformations

Spring 2014

Spring is the season of growth and transformation - the start of many new beginnings. What better time to launch Transformations, the newsletter designed to inspire you to live your best life!

In this issue, I'll share with you in the blog some insights I had during a recent one-week meditation retreat on how to shift out of overwhelm and into a calm & focused mindset.  We'll look at the many benefits a smile can bring and we'll explore how Bio-Energy Healing can help you energize your life - with a special spring promotion to help get you there!

Don't forget to check out the exciting workshops I'm offering this May and June in the Upcoming Events section.

Looking forward to creating new beginnings with you this season!

Blog Post: How to Handle the STUFF of Life... with Ease & Grace

Can you imagine spending days on end, sitting on a cushion in a hall with 30 other people, listening to all your thoughts, feeling every emotion and noticing every last little sensation that shows up in your body? 
What's more, spending that week in total silence, speaking with no one, completely unplugged from the internet, the only outside stimulation coming from the food you eat and daily walks in nature?
That’s exactly how I spent last week, at an amazing Vipassana Meditation Retreat on Samish Island, near Bellingham, Washington.  

"Vipassana" means “insight” in Pali, the sacred language of Buddhism. During 14 sitting and walking meditation periods a day, I learned to bring laser like attention to my thoughts, feelings and body sensations, with the underlying purpose of opening up to a deeper, richer, extra–ordinary perception of Reality.  Continue Reading.

Clear the Energetic Debris Away… & Revitalize Yourself for Spring!

Having trouble sleeping lately?  Do you feel like you’ve had 10 cups of coffee and are running on adrenaline?   Or is your level of tiredness set to Extreme Exhaustion practically all the time?

These are some of the signs that your body’s energy system may be out of balance.  The cause:  STRESS! 

The daily grind of work, caring for children, keeping up with email, paying the bills on time...  all take their toll.  Over time, the stressors of modern life can cause a build-up of "energetic debris" inside of you, slowing or even blocking your body's natural flow of life force.

These energetic blocks may initially leave you feeling exhausted, stressed out or overwhelmed.  However, left unattended to, this blocked energy will eventually cause dis-ease in the body as your cells and organs are slowly deprived of the energy they need to function optimally.

Just like the drain in your bathtub that can get clogged up with daily use, your body has an energy system that needs to be flushed out regularly so that your natural healing energy can flow fully and freely. 

In my long experience with healing modalities, there is no better solution to blocked energy than Bio-Energy Healing.    Often referred to as “The Therapy of the 21st Century",... Continue reading.
Spring Special
1 hour Session for $80

Treat yourself to a Bio-Energy Detox and Cleansing  at 30% off the regular cost ($115 --> $80).

Whether you’re a returning client or brand new to Bio-Energy Healing, you will feel the energizing, revitalizing, emotionally uplifting benefits of a Spring Tune Up for your Body’s Energy System.

This limited time offer must be booked by May 31st, so contact me to reserve your appointment today.  Applies to single session and multi-session packages.

Smile & Be Happy!

Could the intensity of your smile indicate how happy you are in life?  A study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science seems to think so.

Researchers compared the analysis of facial expressions in social media to self-reports of greater life satisfaction and found a correlation - the bigger the smiles, the happier people were.

Other studies have investigated how happiness can contributes to longevity.  Learn how smiling can add years of happiness to your life.  Continue Reading.

Upcoming Events


5 Strategies for Inner Peace

This inspiring and interactive workshop will teach you 5 tried-and-true techniques to calm the mind and de-stress the body.

May 12th, 7pm-9pm
Vancouver, West End
Register now


The Open to Love Seminar

Discover the 3 most common hidden barriers to love and how to release them.... so you can finally attract your Soulmate!

June 2nd, 7pm-9pm
Vancouver, West End
Register now

June 8th, 2pm-4pm
Maa Yoga, Deep Cove
Register now

Success Corner

"I have been taking regular Bio-Energy and Coaching sessions with David. I pursued these sessions with him in order to develop and expand my inner self and well being.

My sessions with David provide a tremendously positive experience of self-potential. During each session, I feel physically and spiritually uplifted. Each week provides a journey of self discovery with the ability between sessions to reflect and leverage my untapped potential.

In a short period of time, David has helped me to expand my awareness and provide another channel for self development and growth." 

- Kiernan Dixon, Vancouver, BC

Read more testimonials here.

About David

David Raphael is a Transformational Coach & Bio-Energy Healer. 

For over 25 years, he has assisted people to overcome the blocks that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential in health, love relationships, career and spiritual growth.

His private sessions and seminars, held in Vancouver and over the web, have been described as "life-changing". 

3 Great
Affirmations for Balance
& Calm the face of any circumstance.

I can be with this.

This is just how it is right now.

I am choosing peace.

Now breathe in;
breathe out.


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