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As we approach February in a loving state of mind, we cherish breastfeeding as not only the biological norm for nourishing our little ones' bodies, but also as a special way to nourish the bond we share with our children.
This quarterly newsletter will focus on ways we can:
  • love breastfeeding even more,
  • improve how we help mothers as Breastfeeding Counselors,
  • simplify our lives through breastfeeding, and
  • appreciate the breastfeeding wisdom of other mamas. 
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One Common Breastfeeding Worry You Can Eliminate
Mothers wonder why their pumped milk has a small layer of fat on top, query how to tell if their infant is receiving too much foremilk, and ask how long to nurse in each breast in order to deliver adequate fat to their child. Nancy Mohrbacher addresses these questions in her usual straightforward and calming way in this article on the Breastfeeding USA website.

The CT Chapter of Breastfeeding USA

The Connecticut Chapter opened in January 2012 with three Breastfeeding Counselors and one meeting. By January 2014, there were six monthly meetings run by 2 - 4 accredited BCs. As of January 2016, they are holding seven meetings and have a total of 15 BCs who work together to fulfill Breastfeeding USA's mission in Connecticut.
They have sent representatives to Quinnipiac University to speak to first-year medical students, have participated in the CT Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and were featured guest speakers at the annual conference of a local charity that aids birthing women. They have attended numerous WIC and hospital World Breastfeeding Week celebrations and have taught "Breastfeeding 101" at a daycare center. Every year, they host a Milk Picnic for breastfeeding mothers and their families, and they 
will introduce themselves to the CT Breastfeeding Coalition in January.
One vital key to the success of the Connecticut Chapter is inviting meeting attendees to become Breastfeeding Counselors as well.  This is how Breastfeeding USA grows: grassroots connections and personal invitations to become part of this mother-to-mother network. 
Mothers find this active chapter through their Facebook group. This group was opened in 2013, and after a few months experience, they wrote a participation agreement to aid them in managing the many complex discussions that happen each day. They share our events and resources, answer questions, and even host online meetings through their group.  Managing the Facebook group is the most challenging aspect of their service to the community due to the speed at which social media moves.  None of them could manage the 1000+ member group alone.  They rely on one another to help provide an optimal, evidence-based, social media experience for their members.
They were very pleased to use their Facebook group to participate in the December Five Year Anniversary Celebration by re-sharing all the donation requests from the national Facebook page and making up some of their own. Through these efforts, tiny Connecticut brought in nine new memberships.
Thanks to the following Connecticut BCs for their inspirational teamwork, dedication, and coordination: Spencer Joslin-Montlick, Becca Dean, Erica Grossman, Alexis Hennessey, Shiyrah Suplita, Nicky Halprin, Meredith Sinclair, Mia Gonzalez, Sherri Witherell, Jennie Bernstein, Joy Delaney, Kora Gilbert, Carol Delaney, Jen Veit, and Jessica DeMeo.

When: Thursday, January 28, 2016
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Check your Breastfeeding USA email account for login information.

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Quotable Wisdom from Breastfeeding Counselor Zarya Alexandra Rubin, about her grandmother:
"She breastfed all her children, including my dad until at least age four, during the Holocaust."

Quotable Wisdom from Breastfeeding Counselor Tonja Carpenter, about her grandmother:
"My grandmother, who passed several years ago, nursed my dad until he was five. She used to say, 'He just liked the ninny and wouldn't let it go. So, I let him have it until he wanted to stop!' whenever anyone asked her if it was really true that he nursed until he was five. My dad is quite proud of the fact that he nursed that long and was very supportive of my sisters and me when we were nursing our babies and toddlers."
Never Heard of Ecological Breastfeeding?
Although not well-known, ecological breastfeeding is a set of seven breastfeeding practices and principles developed by author Sheila Kippley.  The goal of adopting these breastfeeding principles is to naturally delay a mother's return to fertility through seven principles which serve to keep estrogen levels low and prolactin levels high enough to naturally suppress fertility.  These seven principles can be challenging to adhere to depending on ones lifestyle, but if adopted can provide a way to naturally space children utilizing what a mother is already doing: breastfeeding her baby! Learn more about how amazing our bodies are!

Quotable Wisdom from Jada Pinkett Smith in an interview with Fit Pregnancy: How long did you breastfeed Jaden?
 JPS: â€œA good 18 months. That baby never even saw a bottle. He went everywhere with me — premieres, award shows. I would just find a back room and hook him up.”

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